Gold Talon Room with Sustainability Leaf

Anywhere you live on campus you can be certified as a Gold Talon Room. Creating a Gold Talon space means you are committed to the three pillars of sustainability- people, planet, and profit- and you want to create a healthy living space.

By filling out the Form on the right sidebar, you can see that there are many credits that can help your room achieve Participant (blue), Steward (teal), or Champion (gold) status. Each credit is assigned a numerical value depending on its total impact. For example, turning off electronics when not in use will gain you one point, while using Iprint stations instead of a personal printer will award you three points. If you would like to see these values we can share the spreadsheet with you.

Once you have filled out the entire checklist, your room status is based on the percentage of points the event is collecting in comparison to the total possible points.

How We Can Help

The Sustainability Peer Educators are here to help you! They can make suggestions for affordable alternatives that are more sustainable, or give you advice on how to encourage your roommates to participate too!