Environment Sustainability

earthly resources

Environmental Responsiblity:

Freshwater withdrawal has almost doubled since 1960 and nearly half the world's major rivers are going dry or are badly polluted (New Internationalist, no. 329 November, 2000. 18) •11 of the world's 15 major fishing areas and 69% of the world's major fish species are in decline (State of the World 1998, 60-67)

Climate change (global warming) exists, a major culprit is fossil fuels, and impacts are very serious. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report: Summary for Policymakers: The Science of Climate Change 1995)

Effects of Climate Change:

  • Effects on food production
  • More extreme weather events
  • Disruptions of ecosystems
  • Spread of disease to temperate climates
  • Submersion of land masses - 1 to 4 foot sea level rise, up to 20 feet; 50% of world's population lives on the coasts; Over 75% in 2050
  • 140,000 deaths per year attributed to climate change

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