Campus Dining

sustainability feast down east

  • Campus Dining: implements many sustainable practices
    • The elimination of trays in Wagoner Dining Hall has saved 8,782 gallons of water a day
    • The use of plastic bags has been completely eliminated from dining locations, eliminating the use of over 20,000 bags annually
    • The Bio Pack to-go containers used in Wagoner and Hawk's Nest are 96% renewable natural resource paper
    • The Green Ware cups used on campus are made of a corn by-product
    • All fryer oil from Campus Dining locations is converted into biodiesel
    • Over 20% of the food served is locally purchased through Feast Down East
    • Vegan and vegetarian options available everyday
    • A Sustainability Wall inside of Wagoner informs consumers about the farms that provide the food served, as well as other sustainability initiatives
    • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and Blue Cleaning are used in dining areas to provide a healthy and safe experience
    • Meatless Monday and No Impact Lunch are examples of the many programs Campus Dining has implemented to promote sustainability
    • Food waste is pulped and ready to be composted at Wagoner Dining Hall
    • Recycling and reduction is advocated to all employees