About Us

Mr. Stan Harts - Director, Environmental Health & Safety and Chief Sustainability Officer

Stan Harts

As UNCW's Chief Sustainability Officer, I am extremely proud of our accomplishments in sustainability, particularly our endeavors toward student education and engagement, applied learning, recycling and energy and water conservation. Part of our designation as North Carolina's coastal university implies a deeper connection and obligation to the environment while imparting a sense of responsibility to the students we educate. We have much to do to ensure that as we serve our students and region, we preserve the environment for future generations. While sustainability is a goal assigned to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety within the Office of Business Affairs, the commitment extends to offices and departments across the university through the efforts of the UNCW Sustainability Committee. I hope you share our passion for continued improvement as part of UNCW's path to a more sustainable campus.

Ms. Kat Pohlman - Sustainability Captain

Kat Pohlman

I have an inherent passion for sustainability that fuels a motivation to educate, encourage and support others while continually fulfilling an insatiable need to learn more. As a UNCW graduate of 2011, I have had the pleasure of witnessing a cultural transformation on this campus. This culture not only fosters, but demands sustainable decisions and actions.

Sustainability Stewards - Peer Educators

Max Moyer - Waste Diversionmax

Growing up with roots in the Boy Scouts of America taught me that my actions, no matter how small, will make an impact socially and environmentally.  As a Sustainability Steward, it is my goal to demonstrate and share how being more mindful in our day-to-day choices can add up and create a positive outcome.  This position will allow me to develop professional and casual friendships with faculty and students alike, while communicating information and concerns that may be relevant to the sustainability goals here at UNCW.  I look forward to seeing the progress that will inevitably come once the student body and faculty unite over the importance of shaping a sustainable future.

Alex Marstall - Water Quality alex

I have always been passionate about sustainability and looking for solutions to work for a sustainable future, so becoming a sustainable peer educator here at UNCW fit right up my ally. Growing up in the suburbs of DC made me realize how much needs to be done to have a sustainable future, and that's what I hope to start to accomplish in this program. Being a student-athlete as well as being involved in multiple clubs here \(SurfRider, Plastic Ocean Project, and SAAC) have led me to this opportunity. Working with others that have the same passion as me to educate others on sustainability is what I hope this program is going to be all about, and I'm extremely excited to start it off for the first time ever.

Ruth Alexander - Food Sustainability  ruth

Hi! I’m Ruth Alexander, I’m from the small coastal town of Pine Knoll Shores, NC and I am a freshman at UNCW. I intend on majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Sustainability. I like to spend my free time running, hiking, or going to the beach. I am so excited to be a Sustainability Steward here at UNCW so that I can share my passion about sustainability with the student body. There are so many great sustainability efforts happening at UNCW and I can’t wait to help enhance them and spread the word about them on campus.

Kaylee Clark - Waste Diversionkaylee

I'm Kaylee and I am a sophomore studying Environmental Science here at UNCW. I am from Franklin, Vermont and growing up in such a beautiful, rural state has given me a deep appreciation for nature. Leading a more sustainable lifestyle, and living in a more sustainable world is something that is very important to me. I am so excited to be a Sustainability Peer Educator because it will give me the opportunity to promote sustainable practices and educate others about the environmental problems we face today. I hope to make a difference on this campus through the work that I will accomplish with my fellow Sustainability Stewards!


Matt Schmitt - Outreach and Marketing

Hello I’m Matthew Schmitt, but most people call me Schmitt. I am a Wilmington native and a junior at UNCW. I am double majoring in Marine Biology and Environmental Science. Growing up in Wilmington has allowed me to gain experience in the local environment and the ability to use that information to guide my peers to become more environmentally conscious. I am excited to be a sustainability steward so I can engage, encourage, and enthrall my peers about the future of sustainability at UNCW.

Liz Warren - Alternative Transportationliz

I have been a passionate environmentalist for as long as I can remember. I spent much of my childhood exploring the outdoors and observing nature. It didn't take long for me to understand why it  is important to care for the environment. Over the years, I have developed a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing the amount of plastic I use, cutting out meat and dairy from my diet, volunteering for beach clean-ups, and much more. Being a Sustainable Steward allows me to share the reasons behind my passion and sustainable lifestyle in hopes of encouraging others to hold similar beliefs. 

The UNCW Sustainability Council

Council Mission Statement

The UNCW Sustainability Committee shall advocate and facilitate collegial efforts to advance environmental integrity, economic vitality and social equity. The committee shall serve as a connection for students, faculty and staff to collaborate in order to engage in the development of values, advertisement of educational material, adoption of policies, and implementation of practices that strengthen the campus-wide commitment to sustainability.

Council Charge

To prioritize and facilitate the implementation of recommendations that are identified to further the mission of sustainable practices in all aspects of UNCW's institutional culture, including operations, activities, academic programs and community relationships. The committee will provide an annual report to the chancellor that summarizes progress and future priorities.

Sustainability Action Plan


Co-Chair Department, Title
Kat Pohlman Environmental Health & Safety, Sustainability Captain
Roger Shew Geography and Geology, Lecturer
Energy & Operations Committee Department, Title
Steve Sharpe Facilities, Energy Manager
Nic Troutman Housing and Residence Life, Associate Director of Housing & Residence Life
Ashley Cribb Auxiliary Services, Administrative Specialist
Daniel Pate
Graduate Student
Academics Committee Department, Title
James Herstine Health and Applied Human Sciences, Professor
Dennis Kubasko CESTEM, Director / Professor 
Jeff Hill Environmental Studies, Department Chair / Professor
Anthony Snider Environmental Studies, Associate Professor
Jack Hall Environmental Studies, Professor
John Osinski W.M. Randall Library, Health & Human Services Librarian / Lecturer
Natural Areas & Landscaping Committee Department, Title
Christopher Randall Physical Plant, Landscape Superintendent
Duane Truscott Physical Plant, Tree and Shrub Specialist
Darin Penneys
Assisstant Professor, Biology and Marine Biology
Stan Harts Environmental Health & Safety, Director
Jamie Rotenberg Environmental Studies, Associate Professor
Jennifer Abernathy Biology & Marine Biology, Greenhouse Manager
Transportation Committee Department, Title
Adrienne Harrington City of Wilmington, Transportation Coordinator
Ken Kaiser Auxiliary Services, Parking and Transportation Manager
Nic Cannon Auxiliary Services, Temporary Employee
Waste & Recycling Committee Department, Title
Mike Lloyd Campus Support Services, Director
Steve Swart ITS, Systems Specialist
Renee McClammy Physical Plant - Housekeeping, Administrator
Research Committee Department, Title
Jennifer Biddle Public and International Affairs, Assistant Professor
Bonnie Monteleone Chemistry and Biochemistry, Administrative Associate
Elisabeth Garner W.M. Randall Library, Library Specialist
Huili Hao Environmental Studies, Assistant Professor
Arisa Yoon Marine Biology, Student
Outreach Committee Department, Title
Diane Reed Career Center, Assistant Director
Kim Holbrook Human Resources, Onboarding Specialist
Audrey Alderman
Biology and Marine Biology, Student
Matthew Kierce Graduate Student
Aiden Sweeney Student
Dining Committee Department, Title
Matt Rogers Campus Dining, Resident District Manager (Aramark)
Sarah Daniels Feast Down East, Associate Director
Marie Davis
Sustainability Coordinator, UNCW Campus Dining