UNCW Climate Resiliency and Action Plan logo with lightbulb and plant

We said, “For the Future, By the Future.” And we Meant it!  

The Office of Sustainability is approaching the design of this project in a way that no other university has done before-we want the students to lead it! After all, our students are the they should have a hand in planning for it. Check below for ways you can help our campus be on our way to zero carbon emissions by 2050 


  • Use Schoolwork as an Opportunity to Become A Sustainability Expert. When given the opportunity to design your own research project, paper, or presentation in a class, focus it on a sustainable topic at UNCW that you feel passionate about! Share your ideas with the Climate Resiliency Plan team so we can see what sustainable topics our students care about the most. Not only will this help us serve the needs of our students, it is also a fantastic opportunity to add sustainable classwork to your portfolio! 


  • Share Your Knowledge. Showcase your schoolwork in UNCW’s Sustainability Annual Poster Competition! This is a great way to share your ideas with the campus and network with local professionals. Interested in a more formal position that will allow you to spread sustainability on campus? Become a Peer Educator. Sustainability Peer Educators and Interns are the bridge between UNCW’s sustainability programs and the student body.  


  • Directed Independent Study (DIS) & Applied Learning Internships. Ask your professors if there is an opportunity for you to complete a DIS or internship for the Climate Resiliency Plan.  


  • Join the Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee is comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community members who are passionate about sustainable initiatives, growth, and development. This committee meets once a month to brainstorm ideas and discuss opportunities for improvement. 


Keep checking the Climate Resiliency Plan website for updated information about the status of the project and more ways to get involved. Reach out to the team at with comments and questions