• Inventory of Courses with Sustainability Content
  • The Sustainability Minor incorporates classes that all three pillars of sustainability, and is a perfect addition to any major
  • The Department of Environmental Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Sciences degrees
    • The Bachelor of Arts degree allows students a variety of specialization courses in both social and natural sciences.
    • The Bachelor of Science degree is intended to give intensive training in either the biological or physical sciences.
    • The Master of Science in Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary, graduate degree designed for professionals, practitioners, citizens and students who wish to strengthen their knowledge of the environment.
  • Any student, faculty or staff can apply for mini-grants through TGIF or ETEAL* for research, projects, and programs that are focused on sustainability
  • UNCW's Bookstore offers textbook rental, used books for purchase as well as eTextbooks
  • The Organic Chemistry Department implements "green" chemistry

*ETEAL grants are not all focus on sustainability, however, faculty can receive up to $1,500 more if their project has a sustainable focus