2017 Charlie Maimone Sustainability Award

In 2014, the UNCW Sustainability Committee presented the Charlie Maimone Sustainability Award to Vice Chancellor Maimone himself in recognition of his outstanding leadership in sustainability and environmental stewardship. The award is given every year to a UNCW employee that exemplifies these qualities of promoting environmentally sustainable causes, social justice and economic vitality.

Mr. Stan Harts, Director of Environmental Health & Safety


What is sustainability (in your own words) and its importance to UNCW?

Sustainability for me is making sure that my children and those who come after me at UNCW are able to take advantage of many of the same benefits I have had, including clean water, a natural area that will serve as learning laboratory and at the same time, making sure we do not sacrifice today any more than necessary.  It all boils down to hope for the future.  I have adopted many changes in my personal life as I have learned about the impact that I have on the environment and future generations.  If we can’t pass along clean water, air and land to others, then we have failed as stewards of the earth and what has been given to us. My passion is the beauty and uniqueness of the outdoors (particularly the creeks and swamps) of southeastern North Carolina.  I think  my love of the area from being a native of Wilmington, a UNCW alum as well as a boy scout, there have been many influences that have taught me this respect but the Outdoor Code I learned as a scout of doing my best to be considerate in the outdoors and be conservation minded” is the summary of how I try to live. 

What endeavors have you been involved with that promoted sustainable initiatives?

I think the three areas that I have been most involved with are education, support and advocacy.   I try to educate students through EVS and Public Health Classes in the importance of sustainability and how to apply it in their everyday lives.   I have long been in support for the sustainability peer educator program and been advocating for it for quite a while. With funding from the TGI Fund as well as the hard work of Kat Pohlman, this has come to fruition this year and I will consider this one of my legacies at UNCW. Support and advocacy for those who are doing so much more hands on work is a huge part of my position now.   The true “force multiplier” is empowering other to be able to push sustainability initiatives, provide them the resources and appreciation when they make progress.  One of my talents is being able to assemble a coalition of the willing with limited resources to make progress toward a goal.

In summary, I have been involved in may endeavors, however providing education, support and advocacy is my primary role to make UNCW an institution we can be proud of.

How do you feel that your endeavors will make an impact on future generations?

I hope to provide a solid foundation, passion and resources to make other succeed.  I hope that when I have long left UNCW, people will remember something I said, or something that I enabled them to do that affected their life and fostered their passion for sustainability.   I don’t want to have a building or endowment but to instead be remembered by those I have touched and my philosophies passed down .

As a role model in sustainability, how will you positively impact the habits of your peers?

I have the unique situation of having many peer from very diverse background with varying opinions on social and environmental issues.  I hope I can be a voice and bridge of unity in a time that nationally and globally that we have so little civil discourse.   Leading by example and fostering discussion to make a change while honoring many opinions is the most difficult task of my life.

2017 Carolyn Elizabeth "Lizzy" Duffy Student Sustainability Award

The Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Student Sustainability Award is presented to one student who has been at UNCW at least one semester during the academic year. The recipient must be in good standing with the university and have a minimum 2.67 GPA. The Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Sustainability Award was created in March 2015 to honor the efforts of Lizzy, for particularly spearheading the proposal for The Green Initiative Fund, which brought support, resources and visibility to sustainability at UNCW. The award recipient should be someone who exemplifies a similar passion and stewardship for sustainability at UNCW, the community and world. Additionally, the award recognizes the service and commitment that comes along with this passion and how other students have chosen to apply it. The triple bottom line of sustainability includes

  • fiscal responsibility
  • environmental protection,
  • and social equity.

Students must distinguish themselves by portraying dedication to all three facets of sustainability.

Ms. Samantha Huskey


The 2017 Duffy Award recipient, a junior majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science and Non‑Profit Management, holds a 3.27 GPA. The recipient’s nominator wrote, “The reason [this individual] deserves the award is her passion for the environment and being a part of something bigger than herself. After just spending a few minutes talking with her about any of the numerous ideas she has for sustainability, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement that she brings to the conversation. For her, environmental issues such as sustainability seem to be more of an adventure waiting to be explored and shared [rather] than a task that needs to be done.” The recipient currently serves as the Community Outreach leader for the Plastic Oceans Project, which includes participation in beach sweeps and working on campaigns such as “Skip the Straw” and the “Green Bean” initiative for sustainable coffee shops.  She also works at the Student Recreation Center as a lead facilitator on the challenge course, and she serves on their Student Advisory Board.  The recipient has volunteered with Nourish NC and Feast Down East – an organization dedicated to creating a healthy, accessible local food system in Southeastern North Carolina.  The recipient wrote in her nomination acceptance essay, “Sustainability to me means balance. There is a true necessity between understanding the differences between relying on the resources that we as humans require to fully function as a modern society, and completely abusing them.  I continuously attempt to be a source of encouragement to my peers and other groups of friends by first setting the example myself. People will tend to notice if you carry around reusable eating utensils or will recycle their garbage for them. Then these sorts of actions will usually spark conversations which can lead to informing others on their environmental impact and simple ways that they can improve their lifestyle practices pertaining to sustainability.”

2016 Award Recipients

The 2016 Charlie Maimone Sustainability Award was presented to Mr. Matt Rogers. Matt has been an integral part of UNCW sustainability, specifically in Campus Dining where he has implemented reusables wherever possible, began a composting program, increased the percentage of locally purchased fare, created a vegan dining guide, and even uses dining facilities as a place to demonstrate sustainable farming with aquaponics and hydroponics. You can read more about Matt's thoughts about sustainability to the right.

mattrogersMatt Rogers - Campus Dining Director

The 2016 Duffy Award recipient, a graduating senior majoring in philosophy and religion, holds a 2.73 GPA. The recipient's nominator wrote, "[The recipient] is exemplary of UNCW values… and continues to inspire me on a daily basis… UNCW is fortunate to have [this individual] as a student leader and a positive addition of the community entirely…" This individual has demonstrated the ideals of community by providing his fervor and intrepidity toward his service to veterans and citizens of the Tri-County area. He helped create Trinity-Farms to maintain sustainable practices not only in an ecological format but for Non-Profit financing. Since the establishment of Trinity Farms, he has created a nexus of collaborators ranging from local inventors, small businesses, and large franchises, such as, Lowe's Home Improvement, to help aid in the development of underutilized properties. The relentless effort to provide service to his community has resulted in a new program for underprivileged youth, called, Clean Gardens for Kids. The recipient wrote in his nomination acceptance essay, "The efforts of sustainable practices and wonderful partners who have help[ed] shape… this effort have… already change[d] the course of the Tri-County area."


Jose Herrera - Senior in Philosophy and Religion

2015 Award Recipients


Ms. Lizzy Duffy & Mr. Roger Shew