Gold Talon Events

Whether you're hosting a three-day conference or a 30-minute meeting, you can help make a positive impact. Holding a Gold Talon event means that you have not only planned an entertaining or productive event, but also taken extra steps to be environmentally, socially and fiscally conscious.

By downloading the event checklist on the right sidebar, you can see that there are many credits which can help your event achieve Champion (blue), Steward (teal), or Champion (gold) status. Each credit is assigned a numerical value depending on its total impact. For example, turning off electronics when not in use will gain you one point, while holding your event in a space that needs no lighting at all will gain you two points. Taking the time to educate your attendees with signs* and announcements will hopefully encourage them to also host events, gaining your three points for these types of credits.

Once you have filled out the entire checklist, your event status is based on the percentage of points the event is collecting in comparison to total possible points. Credits that are not relevant to your event will not count against you. For example, if you are not having a presenter, you simply place a circle in that box and it will not be included in the equation.

Why Host a Gold Talon Event?

Events can foster school spirit, promote education and encourage collaboration. Subsequently, events may also create large amounts of waste, use high volumes of electricity and require travel. There are many benefits to marketing, planning and executing an event in a sustainable manner.

  • Reduce expenses and budget more efficiently
  • Create a respectful reputation for your organization/department
  • Promote a positive message and raise awareness
  • Encourage innovation
  • Support local business
  • Motivate by setting an example
  • Educate others involved

The Gold Talon checklist and rating system is a way for departments and organizations to gain support, ideas and recognition for implementing sustainable practices in the planning and execution of events. The UNC System has a goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2050, and UNCW is a leader in this objective. Reducing your impact, or "talon print", by holding a Blue, Teal or Gold Talon event is a fun, easy and affordable way to become a part of this initiative!


UNCW Catering is a strong partner in Gold Talon events. In fact, catering has proactively made many sustainable changes and improvements to their processes including:

  • Local, seasonal and fair trade options are utilized wherever possible
  • Organic waste is always composted when prepping meals
  • Reusable platters and trays replaced single-use items
  • Paper bags replaced non-recyclable boxes

In order to incorporate any of the catering credits, you simply request what you would like in the notes on your order.

How We Can Help

UNCW Sustainability houses some items that can be used for credits in Gold Talon events. These are also indicated with an asterisk on the events checklist. In addition to the items below, the Sustainability Peer Educators can also provide support for your event. From helping with additional marketing to breakdown and cleanup, our team is happy to help!

Items to Request

  • Sign under "Educational" Credits.
    • We have reusable signs that can be customized for your event.
  • Reusable Name Plates
    • These dry erase name plates can be used for large meetings instead of printing out single-use paper plates.
  • Water Bottle Refill Stations
    • For outdoor events, this refill stations can refill up to 6 water bottles at once.
  • Solar-Powered Generator
    • A student engineered a small, portable solar-powered generator that can be used to power anything under 20 watts. Items that have been used in the past include laptops, sewing machines, and sound amplifiers.