Study in Mexico



Students will enroll in SPN 394 (3 credits) during Spring 2019. Both native and non-native speakers of Spanish are encouraged to apply.This class will meet weekly at UNCW throughout the spring semester (15 contact hours) and the remaining contact hours will occur in Mexico. While in Oaxaca, class will be conducted for three hours a day in the morning at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. Additional 'class' time will involve students participating in cultural activities and excursions, as well as reflections and discussions. This course fulfills the Explorations Beyond the Classroom component of University Studies as well as the Applied Learning requirement for the Spanish major.

SPN 394: Oaxaca - Here and There
Professor Boomershine
Prerequisites: A grade of 'C' or better in SPN 202 or 215, and permission of instructor.
Students will explore the effects of immigration and globalization in North Carolina and Oaxaca through study of immigration patterns, demographics, policies, and one-on-one interviews with Oaxacans living in Wilmington and in Oaxaca. The majority of the Mexican immigrants in this region of North Carolina are from Oaxaca which will allow students the opportunity to learn from immigrants residing in Wilmington and then travel to their home state/country to meet their relatives, as well as immigrants who have returned to Oaxaca from the U.S.