Study in Mexico

Hierve el agua


We are pleased to announce that UNCW Spanish professor Amanda Boomershine, from the Department of World Languages and Cultures, and Dr Edelmira Segovia, from the Centro Hispano, will be leading a study abroad program to Oaxaca, Mexico during May 2019. The purpose of the program is to provide participants with an opportunity to explore the Oaxacan culture firsthand, analyze and practice the Spanish language in a natural linguistic and cultural context, and to receive university credit for that experience. The program is scheduled for May 12 - 21, 2019, and is only open to students who register for SPN 394 during Spring 2019.


Students will enroll in SPN 394 (3 credits) with Dr. Boomershine during Spring 2019. The prerequisite for SPN 394 is SPN 202 or 215 and permission of instructor. Both native and non-native speakers of Spanish are encouraged to apply. This class will meet weekly at UNCW throughout the spring semester (15 contact hours) and the remaining contact hours will occur in Mexico. Students will explore the effects of immigration and globalization in North Carolina and Oaxaca through study of immigration patterns, demographics, policies, and one-on-one interviews with Oaxacans living in Wilmington and in Oaxaca. The majority of the Mexican immigrants in this region of North Carolina are from Oaxaca which will allow students the opportunity to learn from immigrants residing in Wilmington and then travel to their home state/country to meet their relatives, as well as immigrants who have returned to Oaxaca from the U.S. This course fulfills the Explorations Beyond the Classroom component of University Studies as well as the Applied Learning requirement for the Spanish major. Classes in Mexico will take place each morning at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca.


The instructor of the Spanish seminar will be Amanda Boomershine, PhD, Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at UNCW. Dr. Boomershine has experience leading students abroad and last took groups of students to Mexico in 2007 (Puebla & DF) and 2017 (Oaxaca). She is excited to return to Mexico this year!

Dr. Edelmira Segovia, Director of UNCW's Centro Hispano, will also join the group in Mexico as a faculty leader. She traveled with the group in 2017 and has experience traveling throughout Latin America.


The home base for the trip will be the capital of Oaxaca – the city of Oaxaca. There, students will explore its many markets, gardens, zócalos, and historic buildings. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to cook traditional Oaxacan dishes, see how traditional wooden figurines are made, and visit a ceramic workshop. All students will stay with a local Oaxacan family and daily class meetings will take place at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. Additionally, students will visit sites outside of the city including Teotitlán del Valle, Mitla, Hierve el Agua, and Monte Albán. Teotitlán del Valle, founded in 1465 by the Zapotecs, has managaed to preserve the Zapotec culture and language, and is known for its hand-woven rugs and delicious mole. Both Mitla and Monte Albán are archeological sites dating back 10,000 years. Hierve el Agua boasts natural rock formations in the shape of waterfalls over cliffs, as well as natural pools.