Registered Student Organizations

Summer Orientation Involvement Fairs

The summer orientation involvement carnivals enable your student organization to promote itself to incoming Freshmen attending Summer Orientation.

Summer Orientation Involvement Fairs are held in the Rec Center MAC Gym on June 4, June 6, June 11, June 13, June 18 and June 25 from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Registration for Summer Orientation Involvement can be completed at the following link:

Information about the Event:

  • A maximum of 5 UNCW students will be able to table at each session
  • There will be limited access to electricity for the summer fairs.
  • No animals of any kind (e.g. dogs, cats, geckos, etc. ) are permitted, unless it is a service dog.
  • No extra props are to be used to set up around your table. Groups will only be permitted to use props on the table. If you won a Golden Sammy at the Dub Awards, this would be a good time to show it off!
  • Nothing is be used to substitute a table (e.g. a tent, hut, a banner that has a pole that extends around the table, free-standing Greek letters, etc.)
  • One table and two chairs will be made available for participating groups. Chairs and tables will be provided.
  • If you have a poster with your organization logo on it, bring it! If you do not have a poster for your group, consider having one made! You can use it again at annual events such as the Fall Involvement Carnival, Spring Activities Fair, and the Summer Orientation Involvement Fairs. Stop in the Involvement Center to learn how create it. and the best part is that it is FREE!
  • Feel free to bring non-food freebies (Frisbees, pens, fliers w/ contact info, etc.) to attract people to your table. Make sure that there is no trash from your freebies left in the MAC Gym before you leave.
  • Food, drug or alcohol paraphernalia will not be permitted. e.q. wrapped candy, koozies etc.
  • These fairs are NOT to solicit for parties or other events that are not in accordance with your mission statement.
  • Only currently Registered Student Organizations are allowed to participate in the summer orientation fairs; provisional status or inactive RSOs are not. Any group who did not attend a Re-Registration session in Spring 2018, cannot participate in the summer fairs.

*Please note that applications for the Involvement Fair must be completed by a UNCW student, advisors cannot register for their organization(s). Advisors are more than welcome to attend the fair, but there must be at least one student at the table throughout the entire event and there may not be more advisors than students.

Tables are on a first come first serve for the Summer Orientation Involvement Fairs. 

This event is co-sponsored by Transition Programs.