Registered Student Organizations


Are there any requirements for student organization constitutions?

Yes. UNCW requires that all registered organizations maintain three clauses as part of their local organization's constitutions or chapter bylaws. The three required clauses are the adherence clause, the non-exclusionary clause, and the non-profit clause. These clauses can all be found in the constitution template (articles IV, V, and XIII) and must be included in every registered organization's constitution exactly as written in the template provided. Organizations may establish guidelines that go above and beyond what is stated in each of these clauses, but organizations may not contradict them in any way in their constitution.

How do I see if a space/room is available for my organization to meet in? Or, how can I see what reservations are already in the system?

Our reservation calendar can be seen online. For student organization purposes, these calendars provide two great resources. First, you will be able to use this calendar to confirm that your organization's reservation is in the system. So, if you forgot what time you booked, or what room you are in, you can check online to verify. Second, if you are looking to reserve space, it always helps to know what space is already booked so you don't waste your time asking for it. By reviewing the calendar ahead of time you have a better chance of getting your initial request fulfilled which cuts down on a lot of the back-and-forth communication.

UNCW's Online Reservation System:

Is there anything happening over the summer?

During Summer Orientation, student organizations may participate in the Involvement Fairs. This is your group's first chance to communicate your message to incoming freshmen, so don't miss it! If you did miss this great opportunity, keep in mind that the fall Involvement Carnival is still open for you... see below for more information. To read more about the Summer Orientation Involvement Fairs click here.

When is the big fall Involvement Carnival and how do I sign up?

The annual Involvement Carnival is held the Wednesday after the first day of class. This year's Involvement Carnival will be held from 10:00 am-2:00 pm on August nth, with a rain date of September 4th. Registration Forms for student organizations and campus departments can be found on WaveLink. Off-campus businesses, non-profits, and places of worship can register using this form. To read more about the Involvement Carnival click here.

Which student organizations have to re-register and when?

Every student organization must register with the University. This includes honor societies, fraternities and sororities, sport clubs, groups affiliated with academic departments, graduate groups, etc.

At UNCW student organizations must initially register when they are first approved by the Student Organization Committee and then the organization must continue to re-register every fall semester.

Why does my group have to re-register?

Re-registration is a process that exists at most universities and we've worked hard to keep it as simple as possible and relevant to your organization.

Re-registration is important because it enables the Campus Activities & Involvement Center and the University to maintain up-to-date contact information for your organization. We receive calls from UNCW students, and even high school seniors, looking for involvement opportunities at UNCW. We're the only department that keeps tabs on all the involvement opportunities here on campus, so this really is a vital process.

Another reason we require groups to re-register is so that we can update organizations on policies that may have changed or fill new officers in on policies affecting student organizations which they may not have been aware of.

How do I re-register?

In order to be fully re-registered each group must complete the following steps:

Here's a helpful list so you can check off each step as you go!

Step 1: Update your organization's information WaveLink. Be sure to include:

  • A: Officers' Contact Information (5 registered students minimum, including current officers and 1 or 2 Reservation Delegates - these will be the only members of your organization who can make room reservations on campus)
  • B: Constitution! Online submission/confirmation - Organizations are required to submit and/or confirm their constitution/bylaws electronically on WaveLink, our online database. Be sure to have your current constitution in one of the following file formats: pdf*, doc, docx. (Note: pdf's are recommended as this file will be posted publicly on the CAIC website.)

*To access WaveLink go to and log in with your UNCW credentials. In order to update your organization's information on WaveLink you must currently be listed as an officer for that organization.

Step 2: Send one (1) representative to a Re-Registration Seminar. Multiple sessions are scheduled to accommodate various scheduling needs. Dates for these sessions will be posted on WaveLink's event page 

What happens if my group misses the re-registration deadline?

If an organization does not complete any of the above steps by the re-registration deadline, the organization will be deemed as an inactive registered organization. As such all privileges reserved for student organizations will be revoked including reserving space on campus and having access to on-campus funds. Inactive organizations will be eligible to re-apply for registration status again at the beginning of the spring semester by submitting an Intent to Register form with the CAIC.

In the event that the organization completes at least one of the re-registration requirements, CAIC may reclassify the organization to provisional status for a 30 day period. Organizations in provisional status may use university facilities for organizational or recruitment meetings. Provisional status organizations are not eligible to host events, fund raise or establish an on-campus account without the written consent of CAIC. If the organization fails or refuses to remedy each deficiency within this 30 day period, the organization will be deemed as an inactive registered organization.

What are the advantages of being a registered student organization?

There are many! A registered student organization may:

  • Use the name of the University or any abbreviation of it as part of their name.
  • Sponsor or present an event on University property.
  • Raise funds on University property.
  • Reserve University facilities and services.
  • Be eligible for funding from SGA or GSA.
  • Receive advising and assistance with program planning, leadership training, and development from the Campus Activities & Involvement Center.
  • Participate in Campus Activities & Involvement Center programs and events such as the Fall Involvement Carnival, Dub Awards and more.
  • Utilize the Involvement Center and its resources.
  • Be listed and linked on the online directory of Student Organizations.