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Student Travel

Conference and Event Travel

  • Are you planning to attend a conference or event off campus?
  • Was your Registered Student Organization (RSO) approved for funds via Special Activity Funding (SAF)?
  • Do you have funds in your RSO account that you want to use toward travel?

Travel must be authorized in advance in order to request any reimbursements upon your return. Make sure to do the following prior to your trip:

  • Review the travel guidelines below.
  • Complete sections 1 and 5 of the Expenditure Request Form (ERF) and attach required backup documentation.
  • Meet with Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator at least 10 business days prior to your departure to submit Expenditure Request Form and documentation.
  • Inform Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator if the trip is covered by another travel authorization in a different department.

Travel Guidelines

Before You Travel: Student travel is processed online through the E-Travel system. A separate travel authorization may be processed for each traveler that expects to be reimbursed. A list of all persons traveling must be provided, regardless if requesting reimbursement. A room and car assignment must be provided, if applicable to your travel.

The completed travel authorization will be sent to the traveler via UNCW email for review and approval must be completed prior to your departure. Student is responsible for checking UNCW email during the travel process.

  • Lodging - not available for pre-payment.
  • Registration - pre-payment may be available via a department credit card.
  • Airfare - pre-payment available if purchased from a UNCW travel agency
  • Transportation - not available for pre-payment

Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses (examples below, but are not limited to):

  • Room service (i.e. internet, tips, movies, etc.)
  • Movies charged to hotel rooms
  • Laundry Services
  • Snacks or meals (using SGA allocated funds)
  • Tours or other social activities
  • Traffic/Parking Violations or Fines
  • Flight insurance, personal accident car insurance and GPS
  • Additional expenses of a personal nature
  • Expenses for other companions (including RSO advisors) while on travel status

When You Return: Within 30 days after you return from the specified travel, bring your original itemized receipts to Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator (FUU 2041) to complete the request for reimbursement.

Reimbursement will be made to the person who actually paid for the travel expense. You cannot be reimbursed for receipts in someone else's name.

  • Reimbursements will not be made to anyone who does not have an approved travel authorization.
  • Only ONE reimbursement will be processed upon your return - a travel authorization cannot be re-opened for further reimbursement.
  • Receipts must be dated within the travel dates. If dates of travel have changed, the travel authorization will need to be updated prior to processing a reimbursement. Any changes to the travel dates must be documented.
  • Necessary supporting documentation for reimbursement is itemized original receipts. A valid receipt must be submitted for each item that you are seeking a reimbursement on. At times, the Travel Department may also require a copy of your bank/credit card statement if payment information on the receipt provided is not complete:
    • Lodging - original receipt must include itemized room charges, indicate a $0 balance and show payment method: cash, check or credit card (last four digits).
    • Registration - email confirmation receipt or original receipt - must show traveler's name, amount paid and show payment method: cash, check or credit card (last four digits)
    • Airfare - email confirmation/itinerary or original receipt - must show traveler's name, amount paid and show payment method: cash, check or credit card (last four digits).
    • Baggage Fee - original ticket that shows traveler's name and amount paid.
    • Car Rental - rental agreement contract that shows total cost of rental, indicate a $0 balance and show payment method: cash, check or credit card (last four digits). Optional insurance or GPS is not reimbursable.
    • Gas - original receipt must show actual fuel/pump charges and be within dates of travel.
    • Taxi/Cab Service, Parking, and Tolls - must obtain original receipt.

As a reminder, reimbursement will be payable to the person who paid the actual expense and whose name is on the receipt.

UNCW will not reimburse individuals for travel expenses after 30 days of the return date of the trip - NO EXCEPTIONS.

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