Student Government Association

Student Senate

Dan McCord

The Senate consists of 47 voting members who serve on seven different committees. The Student Body Vice President serves as the President of the Senate. The Student Body Vice President appoints the President Pro-Tempore among the elected Senators with two thirds approval of the Senate. Within the Student Senate is the Senate Planning Committee, which serves as a consultive group for the Student Body Vice President. The board consists of the Student Body Vice President, the President Pro-Tempore, and the committee chairs. If you would like to learn more about a representative and/or contact them, just click on their name!

If you are interested in applying for any available positions on the Senate please contact Austin Spivey.

2017-2018 Senate

Student Body Vice President and President of the Senate : Austin Spivey

President Pro-Tempore: Elizabeth Brethen

Class Senators:

  • Three Senior Class
    • President: Meredith Lewis
    • Senator: 
    • Senator: Jane Chiffriller
  • Three Junior Class
    • President: Malia Benison
    • Senator: Ebony Ormeno
    • Senator: Anna Katherine Carey
  • Three Sophomore Class
    • President: Emma Adams
    • Senator: Nolan Dunagan
    • Senator: 
  • Seven Freshman Class
    • President: Anna-Kelly Fink
    • Senator: Geralyn Love
    • Senator: Johnny Guadalupe
    • Senator: Megan Schroeder
    • Senator: Tatyana Williams
    • Senator: Daniela Berry
    • Senator: 

Academic School Senators:

  • Two College of Arts and Sciences
    • Senator: Julienne Kaleta
    • Senator: 
  • Two Cameron School of Business
    • Senator: Chance Webb
    • Senator: Megan Walters
  • Two Watson School of Education
    • Senator:
    • Senator:
  • Two College of Health and Human Services
    • Senator: Caroline Goerke
    • Senator: Howard Smith
  • One Honors College
    • Senator: Jake Turney
  • One Graduate School
    • Senator: Leah Lowder 

At-Large Senators:

  • Senator: Justin Ammons
  • Senator: Ben Farris
  • Senator: Eva James
  • Senator: Reid Kelly
  • Senator: Adya Khanna
  • Senator: 
  • Senator: Alexis Landrum
  • Senator: Connor McGinnis
  • Senator: Carter Paylor
  • Senator: Nekesa Schutte
  • Senator: Adreanna Sellers
  • Senator: Cole Tillett
  • Senator: Bennett Winslow
  • Senator: Alec Kunkel
  • Senator: Matt LaGanke

Fraternity and Sorority Life Senator

  • Senator: 

Transfer Senator

  • Senator: Luke Haigh

Non-Traditional Senator

  • Senator: Nick Cochran

International Student Senator

  • Senator: