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All financial transactions from Registered Student Organization (RSO) accounts originate with an Expenditure Request Form (ERF). Section 1 of the (ERF) must always be completed as well as the section required for your desired transaction. Be sure to attach any documentation (receipt, invoice, quote, travel information) that may be required. The form must be signed by the authorized signer for the organization before being submitted to Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator.

RSO account may include both revenue and allocated funds. If your RSO was approved for an Operational Budget then your account will also include allocated funds.

Allocated Funds

Allocated Funds are monies allocated by SGA based on your request for an Operational Budget for the entire fiscal year-end. These funds can only be spent on the items (equipment, supplies and promotional) that SGA approved based on your request. Redistribution of these funds can only occur with approval from SGA. Any funds not spent by the end of the fiscal year will revert back to SGA for future allocation.

Revenue Funds

Registered Student Organization (RSO) revenue funds are accrued through such activities as fundraising, the collection of dues and donations. These funds can be deposited into your RSO account but become university money, meaning all university policies and procedures must be adhered to when making purchases or processing reimbursements. All funds raised by RSO will remain in your active campus account until depleted by your RSO. Any balance in your account at fiscal year-end will roll over from year to year as long as the RSO remains active.

Funds raised by SGA funded organizations should be deposited with SGA, via the Office Assistant in Campus Life (FUU 2041) between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM. If funds are received by an organization after 5:00PM or on a weekend or holiday, funds should be deposited on the next business day.

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