Student Government Association

Funding for Student Organizations

Every year the Student Government Association is entrusted with $600,000+ of your student fees to sponsor student programs and events, while also advocating on your behalf. We provide supplemental funding to registered student organizations to assist them in travel-related ventures, on-campus programs and events, and helping them with student organization-related expenditures.

If you have questions about Student Government Funding, please read through the information found on this page. If you have further questions, stop by the Student Government Office on the 2nd floor of the Fisher Student Center, room 2029 or email Emily Grose.

The Appropriations Committee is responsible with assisting the Treasurer in distributing student fees to registered student organizations and student organization-related functions. You can request funding for On-Campus Programs, Travel Events, Operational Budgets, and Capital expenditures. If you would to join the Appropriations Committee, contact the Treasurer, Emily Grose

Requirements which must be met before requesting funding:

  • All events must be open to ALL UNCW students and an entrance fee or donation may not be collected for entrance. 
  • You must be a registered student organization. If you are unsure of your organizational status, visit WaveLink.
  • All requests for funding must be directly related to YOUR constitution’s mission statement on file with the Campus Activities & Involvement Center.
  • Funding will only be provided for food if the food is critical to the nature of the event.
  • Funding is not provided for fundraisers of any kind.
  • Funding is not permitted to go towards current UNCW faculty or staff.
  • Funding will only be provided for t-shirts or apparel if these items are critical to the nature of the program.
  • Note that for all funding request, each item being requested must be substantiated through the submission of proof of cost with appropriate documentation.
  • See the SGA Funding Statutes for a complete list of requirements when requesting funding from the SGA.
  • Deadline is Tuesday by 5 pm in order to be reviewed by the Appropriations Committee the same week the request is submitted.

Program Funding  SGA Funding Request Form  » 

  • Each individual on-campus program is eligible for a maximum allocation of $3,000 when the event is being put on by a single registered student organziation.  If there is more than one registered student organization planning the event, the maximum funding is set at $4,500.
  • A contract is any agreement with an outside entity inslucing, but not limited to a speaking contract or performance contract
  • Events requiring a contract must be submitted to the SGA Appropriations Committee at least 9-weeks in advance of the date of the event.
  • Events not requiring a contract must be submitted to the SGA Appropriations Committee at least 5-weeks in advance of the date of the event. 
  • Events must be marketed as "Sponsored by the SGA"

    Statute 503.1-503.20

  • IMPORTANT: Program funding forms are now available for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Travel Funding SGA Funding Request Form  » 

  • A registered student organization may receive a maximum allocation of $1,200 for any single travel-related request when four or more UNCW students are participating in the travel.
    • If less than four students are traveling, a maximum of $300 may be allocated per person.
      Ex: $900 maximum for three people, $600 for two people

  • Travel-related funding requests must be submitted to the SGA Appropriations Committee at least 5-weeks in advance of the date of travel departure.
  • When submitting a travel request, a registered student organization must submit appropriate documentation substantiating each item for which funding is sought including, but not limited to: registration fees and conference itineraries, mileage costs, hotel costs, etc.

    Statute 503.1 – 503.20

  • Travel request forms are now available for the 2019-2020 academic year.  

Operational Budget SGA Funding Request Form  » 

  • Students Organizations may receive operational budget funding each semester with a fiscal year cap of $500 for supplies and materials and $100 for recruitment and promotional items.

    Statute 501.1 – 501.13

Capital Expenditure SGA Funding Request Form  » 

  • The purpose of the Capital Expenditure Fund is to provide supplemental funding to registered student organizations for purchases that exceed $500 per line item.
  • Equipment requested under Capital Expenditure Funding should have no less than a three (3) year estimated product lifetime and/or warranty for the purchase and should contribute directly to the fulfillment of the organization’s stated mission.
  • Priority is given to student organizations that prove need in both application and presentation, as well as given to those requests that benefit not only the organization, but also the entire university.
  • Any person or group requesting funds must be prepared to demonstrate how the UNCW campus will benefit from the funding. 

    Statute 504.1 – 504.13

Early Hawk Funding SGA Funding Request Form  » 

  • Early Hawk Funding deadlines will be developed at the discretion of the SGA Treasurer.

  • During spring Early Hawk Funding, the Appropriations Committee will only review requests for programs or travel events that are within the set deadlines of the next fiscal year.  

  • A program or travel event shall be allocated money from the fiscal year in which the program or travel event occurs.

Forms are due on Wavelink by March 19, 2019 for:

  • Travel occurring between July 1 - October 11, 2019

  • Programs occurring between August 22 - October 31, 2019

    Statute 503.12

Non-SGA Funding SGA Funding Request Form  » 

Student Organizations should apply to SGA first but if additional monies are needed, UNCW offers serveral great options.

  • Tealstarter is UNCW's crowdfunding program. Find out more information here!
  • The Green Initiative Fund offers support for UNCW programs with sustainable practices. 
  • Ask your college or major to see if they offer any sponsorship.
  • Do a Fundraiser.
  • Ask local businesses if they will donate for an event.