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Special Activity Funding (SAF)

Special Activity Funding (SAF) may be received by any organization that is currently registered with the Campus Activities & Involvement Center. A SAF request may be submitted to obtain funds to attend a conference, for any one-time project or on-campus program.

Timeline for Requests

An organization must submit:

  • Program (no fee to speaker/performer) related requestsmust be time stamped by an Involvement Specialist at least 5 Tuesdays before the date of the program
  • Program (with fee to speaker/performer that require a contract) related requestsmust be time stamped by an Involvement Specialist at least 9 Tuesdays before a the date of the program
  • Travel related requests must be time stamped by an Involvement Specialist at least 5 Tuesdays before the intended travel date

Requests will be reviewed and considered on a first come, first serve basis as time permits during Appropriations Committee meetings. There is no guarantee that the request will be reviewed the same week in which it was submitted. Presentations to the committee may be necessary upon request of the SGA Treasurer.

The Appropriations Committee meets once a week, based on the academic calendar, to review all requests and their recommendations are then presented to the Student Senate. Organizations whose requests are reviewed at these meetings will be notified via email of the Student Senate's decision within 24 hours.

The SAF Request period for the Fall 2016 semester closes on Tuesday, November 15 at 5 PM.
The SAF Request period for the Spring 2017 semester will close on Tuesday, March 21 at 5 PM.

Special Activity Funding Guidelines

Any organization seeking funding from the Special Activities Fund must submit requests prior to travel or an event. Special Activity Funding (SAF) cannot be requested after you return from travel or an after an event has occurred. Requests must be made and approved in advance, allowing sufficient time for paperwork to be processed.

Once your travel request is approved please contact Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator to set up a meeting at least 10 business days prior to your travel. See the section on Student Travel for detailed instructions.

SAF will be granted to programs that will benefit UNCW students and/or the UNCW community, upon review by the Appropriations Committee and SGA Legislature.

The following is required for consideration for SAF:

  • A detailed budget for the travel/event accompanied by documentation verifying projected costs, as well as an itinerary for the travel/event.
  • Submission of forms and documentation by the respective dates
  • SAF may be received twice in an academic year for travel to conferences and no limit for programs or events hosted on campus.
  • SAF may not be given to any group whose funds are currently frozen.

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