Student Government Association

Operational Budget

An Operational Budget is only for operational needs - equipment, supplies, and promotional materials. Each year in the spring and fall semesters, a Registered Student Organization can submit a request to SGA for funds to use toward operating expenses for the following fiscal year. In order for a student organization to be eligible to apply for an Operational Budget for the following academic year, the student group must have been fully registered in advance of the deadline date for the Operational Budget requests.

The following is required to be eligible to apply for an Operational Budget:

  • Earn 2 budget points by attending the teal or blue events at the following link Leadership UNCW Workshops. Budget Workshops and at the discretion of the SGA Treasurer. If you attend an event or workshop, please make sure you sign in with your student organization name. If there is no sign in sheet, you must bring proof of attendance to the Involvement Center ie: ticket stub, selfie at the event, or program and be prepared to summarize the event.
  • Submit your request to the Involvement Specialist (FSC 2029) and sign up for a time to make a presentation to the Appropriations Committee.
  • Complete all Re-Registration requirements.

Operational Budget Request Forms for the January 2018- December 2018 school year must be completed online here by Tuesday, November 7, 2017 before 5 PM.

Any Operational Budget Request Forms that are not complete or lack required documentation may be denied funding by the Student Government Association. All Operational Budget Request Forms must be submitted by students, as submissions by faculty and staff will not be accepted.

Budget Modifications to Operational Budget

The purpose of the Budget Modification Form is to request a budget revision to your Operational Budget allocated to your organization by SGA. Requests must be made and approved in advance, allowing sufficient time for paperwork to be processed. You can request that allocated funds be used for something other than what it has been allocated to in your budget. Please contact the SGA Treasurer for approval.