Student Government Association

SGA Budget

The Student Government Association receives its funding from the Student Activity Fee in the amount of $53 per full-time equivalent (FTE) student. The Association for Campus Entertainment then receives $23.15 per FTE from this fee, and the Sports Club Council receives $6.50 per FTE as well. Additionally, the Graduate Student Association receives 75% of the Student Activity Fee for each FTE graduate student. Money is then allocated for student services, such as Safe Ride tickets and free legal services on campus; funds are also allocated for the SGA Legislature and Executive Board, office functions, and administrative functions.

Student organization operational budgets are also allocated through this same fee, following the procedures set forth by SGA. After all applicable operational budgets have been approved by SGA, the remainder of the Student Activity Fee is reserved for Special Activities Funding, which allows organizations in good standing to request funding for a one time event, travel, program, or conference.

Please refer to the table below, and if you would like additional information, please contact Chiffriller,, the SGA Treasurer.

SGA Budgets 2016 - 2017