Student Government Association

Making a Deposit

Be sure to count your deposit before bringing it to the office. You will be asked the amount of money to be deposited. Large amounts of coins should be rolled into coin wrappers before making the deposit. The person receiving the deposit will verify your deposit and issue you a receipt. Be sure to tell them what the deposit is for (membership dues, fundraiser, donation, etc).

If the deposit is for a donation, that must be specified at the time of the deposit and noted on the receipt in order for the person making the donation to receive their tax benefit. Name and address of the donor must be provided. If funds are being deposited for more than one event, be sure to specify how the deposit should be allocated.

Campus Life Business Operations Coordinator then deposits the monies with the university cashier. Your deposit will be recorded on your budget transaction spreadsheet once the Cashier's Office has issued a receipt.

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