Student Government Association


Multicultural Affairs Committee

Promoting and spreading #dubversity

SGA Members:

  • Rachel LeCates (Chair)
  • Steven Nunez
  • Bridgett Woodward
  • Yancey McCoury
  • Daisy Gonzalez

Meetings: Wednesdays at 11:00 AM in SGA Office

Duties of Committee, as stated in the Constitution:

  • Shall serve as a liaison between SGA and all external diversity initiatives as well as campus entities promoting a multicultural environment by serving on committees relating to campus diversity and inclusion.
  • Shall plan and coordinate at least three (3) diversity events per semester. At least two (2) of these events need to be in collaboration with another department or student organization on campus.
  • An opportunity must be presented each semester to all multicultural student organizations to have a collective meeting to promote relationships, collaborations, and share best practices for all events.
  • Shall convey to the student body the current status of diversity initiatives and the status of minority enrollment.