Student Government Association

Executive Board

2018-2019 Executive Board

Cole Tillett, Student Body President


Meets with the Chancellor, each University Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Students, and the Faculty and Staff Presidents between the time of their inauguration and the beginning of the fall semester. Present a State of the Student Government Association Address. Attends all UNCW Board of Trustees meetings. Attends monthly meetings of the Association of Student Governments (ASG). Have regular meetings with all Executive Cabinet members individually. Attends Residence Hall Tours. Serve as the primary contact to speak on behalf of the organization. Meets at least once per month with the Chancellor to serve as a voice for students. Represents the Student Body in dealings with the Faculty, Administration, UNC Board of Governors and the State of North Carolina. Recommends student appointments for any and all Chancellor's, University, or other committees for which student representation is required

Elizabeth Brethen, Student Body Vice President


Serves as Senate President and acts as chairperson of all Senate meetings. Serve as a nonvoting ex-officio member of all standing Senate committees and Project Teams. Meets with the Chancellor, each University Vice Chancellor, and the Dean of Students between the time of their inauguration and the beginning of the fall semester. Meets with each Dean of the colleges and schools about about goals for the upcoming year. Plans the fall and spring semester training retreats. Plans and facilitates a formal transition between the previous and newly elected leaders of SGA. Signs all resolutions and bills of the Senate. Prepares and recommends changes to all Senate budget lines. Serves as Chair of the Senatorial Board. Represents the Student Senate at university and community functions. Assumes the duties of the Student Body President in his/her absence. Serve as co-chair of the campus Tuition and Fees Committee.

Daniella Berry, Chief of Staff


Organizes and distribute all written communication and other information for the SGA Executive Cabinet. Coordinates all SGA Student Services needs and preparation between inauguration and the start of the fall semester including but not limited to Seahawk Savings, SafeRides, and Legal Services. Serves as a nonvoting member of the Senate Planning Committee. Plans Chancellor's Open Forums for the Student Body. Plans each Town Hall with the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President. Serves as the liaison between the Involvement Center's Manager and SGA. Serves as a proxy for the Student Body President when designated. Plans and coordinates the SGA Inauguration Ceremony in the spring semester. Serves as a point of contact to speak on behalf of the organization. Coordinates and attends the Residence Hall Tour. Responsible for the general organization of the SGA office. Coordinates all tabling and volunteer events requiring SGA attendance. Plans and coordinates all of SGA's involvement activities within UNCW's Homecoming Week, and promotes SGA UNI 101 Workshops and schedule classes.

Sean Clark, Treasurer


Prepares and manages the SGA annual budget. Serves as Chairperson of the Appropriations Committee. Reviews the use of allocated funds by clubs and organizations and ensure proper use thereof. Presents at student organization treasurer meetings, policies and procedure meetings, and Senate meetings. Serves as an advisor to the Student Body President on issues relating to SGA financial policy, procedures, and actions taken by the Executive Committee on Appropriations. Advises Marketing Liaisons on important events, dates, and relevant financial information. Serves on Ad-hoc committees at request of Student Government President, advisers, or other appropriate members of SGA. Appoints Vice-Chair of Appropriations to effectively run and manage presentations.

Rachel Kowadlo, Director of Communication


Take minutes during official Senate and Executive Cabinet events, including, but not limited to, all meetings and retreats. Shall work in conjunction with the Director of Marketing to post meeting minutes, legislation, and agendas online and email to Student Body Vice President, UNCW Archivist, RHA President, The Seahawk Editor in Chief. Shall work with the SGA Treasurer or Student Body Vice President to recommend and manage any expenditure from the SGA Technology Equipment Budget line. Shall be responsible for the filing of and archiving of all SGA documents. Manage member electronic permissions, file storage, and external hard drive archives for all Student Government files. Maintain the email account. Creates and publishes SGA monthly newsletter. Shall produce bimonthly "fireside chats with the Student Body President" via video. Produces monthly press releases. Builds a relationship with the Office of University Relations to communicate what SGA is working on that is worthy of press coverage.

Dara Arroyo, Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Serves on the Diversity Council. A liaison between SGA and all external diversity initiatives as well as campus entities promoting a multicultural environment by serving on committees relating to campus diversity and inclusion. Plans and coordinates at least three (3) diversity events per semester. At least two (2) of these events need to be in collaboration with another department or student organization on campus. Conveys to the student body the current status of diversity initiatives and the status of minority enrollment. Meets with the Vice Provost of Diversity and Inclusion. Chairs the Multicultural Committee.

Allie Stroup, Director of Marketing


Serves as the head of the Marketing Committee. Shall be responsible for the advertisement, marketing, and publicity of all SGA events and initiatives by collaborating with those individuals planning said activities. Shall coordinate the annual Feel My Teal Basketball game. Shall monitor and coordinate the quality and marketing of all existing SGA services including but not limited to SafeRide, Legal Services, Seahawk Savings and SGA Bike
Pump. Shall maintain the content on the SGA website and update all changes frequently. Shall market SGA to the Student Body as a whole. In charge of maintaining SGA social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram) to promote SGA events and information.