Registered Student Organizations

Re-Registration for Registered Student Organizations

Step by Step Checklist

Step 1: Update your organization's information on WaveLink. To have access to update your organization's WaveLink page you must be listed as an officer on the roster section.

Be sure to include:

  • Officers' Contact Information
  • A minimum of five currently enrolled UNCW students
  • Assign 1-2 Reservation Delegates * these will be the only members of your organization who can make room reservations
  • An organization profile picture. This should be a square image that is NOT a group picture. Logos work best!

Step 2: Constitution: Organizations are required to submit their constitution/bylaws electronically on WaveLink. Be sure to have your current constitution in one of the following file formats: pdf*, doc, docx. (Note: pdf's are recommended as this file will be posted publicly on the CAIC website.)

Step 3: Send one (1) representative to a Re-Registration Seminar. Multiple sessions are scheduled to accommodate various scheduling needs. Re-Registration Seminars are a way of providing information on topics about policies, procedures, and resources. The information is critical to the success of our registered student organizations.

Dates for re-registration sessions will be available on WaveLink's event page.

What happens if an organization doesn't complete the above steps?

If an organization does not complete any of the above steps by the re-registration deadline set below, the organization will be deemed as an inactive registered student organization. As such, all privileges reserved for student organizations will be revoked, including reserving space on campus and having access to on-campus funds. Inactive organizations will be eligible to re-apply for registration status again at the beginning of the spring semester by submitting an Intent to Register form with the CAIC.

In the event that the organization completes at least one of the re-registration requirements, CAIC may reclassify the organization to provisional status for a 30 day period. Organizations in provisional status may use university facilities for organizational or recruitment meetings. Provisional organizations are not eligible to host events, fundraise or establish an on-campus account without the written consent of a CAIC staff member. If the organization fails or refuses to remedy each deficiency within this 30 day period, the organization will be deemed as an inactive registered organization.

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