Registered Student Organizations

Welcome to the Registered Student Organization Guide 

Last updated: Fall 2016

The Registered Student Organization (RSO) Guide is intended as a resource and policy manual for members, officers, and advisors of the University of North Carolina Wilmington RSOs, and for students interested in forming new organizations. The Handbook was developed by professional staff members in the Campus Activities & Involvement Center.

Please direct any comments, questions, and suggestions to the Involvement Center (Room 2029 in the Fisher Student Center, call 910-962-3553, or email

This document may be updated at any time. Please note the "last updated" notice on the page.

Table of Contents - click on the subtitle to see the section of the guide 

Section 1 - Registered Student Organizations at UNCW 

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Section 2 - Registering and Re-Registering your RSO

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Section 3 - Resources

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Section 4 - Financial Management

For more information regarding funding please see SGA's Funding Information Page

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Section 5 - Event Planning

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Section 6 - Advisors

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Section 7 - Fraternity & Sorority Life

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Section 8 - Sports Club Council

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Section 9 - Various Forms 

Constitution Template - Use this template when you submit an Intent to Register Form when starting at new registered student organization.

Event Planning Checklist - Use this checklist when your registered student organization is planning an event.

Bake Sale Guidelines - Use this form when your registered student organization plans to sale food of any kind on campus.

Gift in Kind Form - Use this form when an individual or business wants to make a donation to your student organization in a form that is not cash (i.e. equipment, supplies, etc.). By completing this form and returning it to the Campus Activities & Involvement Center to be processed the donor can receive a tax credit for the contribution.

Gift in Kind Guidelines - Follow these guidelines when you are considering to accept a non-cash gift on behalf of your organization and as you process the gift with the University.

Prize Award Form - Use this form when your registered student organization has prizes at an event. Don't forget to attach a copy of the advertising from the event and an Expenditure Request Form.

Raffle Guidelines and Exemption Request Template - Use this template when requesting exemption status in order to conduct a raffle (i.e. 50/50, door prize giveaway, etc.). Also, be sure to refer to these guidelines as you plan any raffle that you may hold.

Road Race Checklist - Use this checklist when planning any type of road race on the UNCW campus.

Technology Request Form (Online Submission) - Use when requesting a new UNCW email account, web space for your student organization, a Timmy folder to help your organization share files and maintain organization archives, or a SharePoint site for easy communication and file sharing. Also, be sure to complete this form again anytime you need to update who needs access to these resources.

Vendor Sponsorship Agreement Form - Use when bringing a vendor on campus as part of a fund raiser, or modify the form to fit with an event you hold off-campus to ensure that your organization is confirming a quality fund raiser.

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