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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Reimbursements

If your student organization is going to be offering free giveaways or prizes at an event there's a good chance you'll be giving away gift certificates. Gift certificates purchased by your organization (as opposed to donated) can be reimbursed from your on-campus account if you follow these procedures:

• Gift certificates can not be purchased from establishments that serve alcohol.

• You can only receive reimbursement for a gift certificate after the certificate has been awarded.

• In order to verify that the gift certificate has been awarded… Photocopy the gift certificate. When the original is given to the recipient have the recipient sign the photocopy. Turn in the signed photocopy with the Expenditure Request Form.

• Save the receipt and attach to Expenditure Request Form.

• Reimbursements under $50 can be done via petty cash. For reimbursement you'll need a copy of the gift certificate signed by the recipient, the original gift certificate receipt, and an Expenditure Request Form. These forms are available in the Involvement Center.

• For reimbursements over $50 you will have to do a check request. The same form is used and the same documentation is needed.

• The request for reimbursement must be received within thirty days of the purchase date.

Please contact the Campus Activities & Involvement Center's Fiscal Assistant (910-962-3769) if you have any questions about this procedure.