Registered Student Organizations

Benefits for Registered Student Organizations

Taken from the Code of Student Life


  1. Be listed as a registered student organization. Only student organizations registered by SOC and in good standing with the university (meaning not on disciplinary probation) may use the name of the university or an abbreviation of it as a part of their name.
  2. Sponsor or present a public event on university property. Organizations undertaking this activity should consult with the CAIC staff for procedures and approval.
  3. Raise funds or make other permissible solicitations on university property in accordance with university policy (see Section VI-3).
  4. Reserve the use of university facilities and services (see Section VI and VII-3).
  5. Be eligible for possible funding by the UNCW Student Government Association according to Student Government guidelines. Onslow County Registered Student Organizations are not eligible for funding.
  6. Be listed on the "Student Organizations" web page for UNCW.
  7. Appoint or elect an advisor of the organization's choice; although strongly recommended, an advisor is not required.
  8. Utilize the resources and services provided in the Involvement Center.
  9. Have access to technological resources provided by ITSD such as a web page, UNCW e-mail account and file sharing/storage space on the student server.
  10. Policies and actions of a student organization will be determined by those persons who hold a bona fide membership in the organization.

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