Registered Student Organizations

RSO Advisors

Advisors play an important role in the functioning and development of our students and student organizations. The Campus Activities & Involvement Center provides a variety of resources for advisors, just as we do for student organizations to ensure they effectively guide students in their learning and leadership – as well as grow themselves.  

What are the benefits of advising a student organization?

• You guide students in developing new skills through their college experience. 
• Further your personal goals by choosing to work with an organization that reflects your interests.
• Over time, witness the organization and student leaders grow. 
• Make a long-lasting impact on the experiences of student leaders.

What are the responsibilities of an student organization advisor? 

The role of an advisor is not concrete – it is a relationship that needs constant attention, assessment and a certain level of flexibility for all individuals involved. Some organizations may have very specific needs from an advisor such as specific expertise in a given knowledge area (I.e., academic organizations), oversight on risk management (I.e., sport clubs), or guide with individual and organizational leadership. A few general responsibilities may include meeting with officers, assisting in event planning, or budget development.  

Advisor Resources

Although our 285+ student organizations cover a wide spectrum of focus areas, CAIC has found that the challenges met by advisors tend to have many things in common - motivating members, balancing responsibilities between the advisor and the students, navigating learning outcomes, and so on. So, as a way of simplifying the art of finding answers to these often difficult questions, below you will find resources from CAIC to assist you in your role. After reviewing these resources, if you should have any additional questions, please contact us. 


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