Registered Student Organizations

Advisor Information

The Campus Activities & Involvement Center has a number of ways to keep advisors up-to-date with registered student organization information. Here are some examples of resources that are available:

Advisor Meet and Greets
Student organization Advisor Meet and Greets are held periodically during the academic year to give advisors an opportunity to meet one another, swap ideas, troubleshoot with other advisors, and make announcements. Additionally, the Campus Activities & Involvement Center makes announcements regarding events and deadlines that effect student organizations for the semester.

In the fall, the Advisor Meet and Greet covers the re-registration process, goes through the most current Student Organization Handbook and other fall events.

In the spring, we may cover topics such as SGA operational budget information and deadlines, the Student Organization Leadership Awards and nomination process, and other important spring events.

Frequently Asked Questions
Although our 280+ registered student organizations cover a wide spectrum of focus areas, we have found that the challenges met by the advisors of these organizations tend to have many things in common - motivating members, balancing responsibilities between the advisor and the students, navigating learning outcomes, and so on.

Additional Information Meetings
Should a topic of interest arise, let us know and we will be happy to put together a presentation and hold a meeting for advisors interested in the subject.

In the past we've held meetings with guest speakers who addressed conflict management and leadership styles. We've also hosted webinars on topics such as liability & tort law, copyright information, and risk management. In January of 2008 we hosted an Organization Advisor Refresher audio conference which focused on that mid-year fall off and member motivation, team goal setting and budget management, and how to plan for the much needed transition of student officers. In the spring of 2009 we hosted a webinar on planning student leadership retreats. As with all of our programs and services we are open to suggestions and ideas from advisors if there is another subject in which there is interest.