Association for Campus Entertainment


ACE Leadership Team 

Sloane Stewart Headshot
Sloane Stewart (She/Her)
ACE President
Input | Futuristic | Relator | Individualization | Arranger

Sloane is a fourth-year Spanish and Information Technology major with a minor in cybersecurity. They are originally from Mooresville, North Carolina and chose UNCW because it felt like home and they like the beach. Not only do they serve as ACE President, but they are also involved in Student Ambassadors, International Mentors, and International Student Organization. They also work on campus as a Distance Education Technician helping professors, staff, and students with any technological issues during class or conference. In their free time, they enjoy doing puzzles, baking, going to concerts, and going on adventures with friends. Their favorite ACE event is Battle of the Bands during Homecoming because it brings everybody together with great music from UNCW students.

Audrey Smith Headshot
Audrey Smith (She/Her)
ACE Vice President of Marketing
Relator | Deliberative | Restorative | Empathy | Achiever 

Audrey is a senior Film Studies major with a minor in Information Technology. She is originally from Boone, North Carolina, and came to UNCW for the Film Studies department and nature Wilmington has to offer. Audrey serves as ACE's Vice President of Marketing, works as a Career Connector for the Career Center, and has previously worked as a Desk Receptionist for HRL for two years. In her free time, Audrey enjoys going to the gym or beach, spending time with friends, and cooking. Her favorite ACE event is Dub Unplugged because it showcases some of the amazing talent that our campus has.

Courtney Busick Headshot
Courtney Busick (She/Her)
ACE Vice President of Membership
Belief | Futuristic | Connectedness | Individualization | Maximizer

Courtney is a fourth-year Communication Studies major with a double minor in Leadership Studies and Digital Arts. She is originally from Mount Airy, NC but just moved to Wilmington with her family. She chose UNCW because it was so welcoming and provided her so many opportunities to get involved on campus. In addition to ACE, she is the photography editor for Atlantis magazine. She also works on-campus as a tour guide for UNCW Admissions. In her free time, she enjoys photography, traveling, going to concerts, and drinking iced coffee. Her favorite ACE event is Festapalooza because everyone is together celebrating the end of an amazing year. Also, who doesn't love free food, live music, and inflatables?

Nadia Whitesell Headshot
Nad Whitesell (They/Them)
ACE Vice President of Operations
Individualization | Developer | Restorative | Harmony | Responsibility

Nad Whitesell is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminology. They are originally from Reidsville, North Carolina. Nad is the current VP of Operations and has held other positions within ACE in previous years. They were the 2020-2021 Spirit Co-Chair and the 2020 Homecoming Coordinator. They are also a part of the club swim team and work as a lifeguard at the Student Rec Center. In their free time, they enjoy working out, hanging with friends, and binge-watching Netflix. Their favorite ACE event is Late Night Breakfast because the energy of the event is insane and it is an event every UNCW student should experience at least once.

ACE Chairs

Julie DAmanda Headshot
Julie D'Amanda (She/Her)
ACE Activities Chair
Adaptability | Connectedness | Activator | Woo | Belief

Julie D’Amanda is junior at UNCW studying Communications with a concentration in integrated marketing concepts and a french minor. She is originally from Upstate NY, but moved down to Charlotte with her family where she currently resides when she’s not living in Wilmington at the beach. Julie made her way up from marketing assistant, to marketing coordinator, and now ACE Activities Chair and she couldn’t be more excited. Although she loves marketing and designing marketing materials, she also loves planning events and getting to see others happy and having fun. In her free time, you can find her at the nearest thrift store or coffee shop. She doesn’t have a favorite ACE event because they are all so fun but Rocky Horror Picture Show is at the top of the list.

Kaylee Arrington (She/Her)
ACE Arts Chair
Achiever | Ideation | Arranger | Individualization | Adaptability 

Kaylee Arrington is a second-year Marketing major. They are originally from Apex, North Carolina, and chose UNCW because it was unique. They serve as ACE Art Chair. In their free time, they enjoy baking, going to concerts, and reading books. Their favorite ACE Event is Rocky Horror Show because they love the show and the hardworking cast.

Bekah Eakes Headshot
Bekah Eakes (She/Her)
ACE Concerts Chair
Input | Analytical | Strategic | Relator | Intellection

Bekah is a third year Film Studies and Communication studies double major. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and chose to attend UNCW because of their film program and the atmosphere of the campus. Bekah currently serves as the ACE Concerts Chair. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends, knit and try new hobbies. Her favorite ACE event is the Rocky Horror Shadow cast because of the team work and community that it brings

Malin Heppert Headshot
Malin Heppert (He/Him)
ACE Films Chair
Achiever | Individualization | Relator | Developer | Learner
Malin is a junior majoring in Public Health and minoring in Clinical Research. Malin is originally from Clayton, North Carolina and chose UNCW because of the welcoming atmosphere it brought and highly rated scientific majors it offered! Besides serving as ACE Films Chair, Malin is also involved with international programs and volunteers for the Plastic Ocean Project! Malin is also involved student-faculty research and hopes to conduct his own research soon. In his free time, he likes to run, play video games, and cosplay. Malin's favorite ACE event is Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow cast because the chaotic energy the students bring to Lumina theater is unmatched and performing in the shadow cast is so much fun.
Riley Riggs Headshot
Riley Riggs (She/Her)
ACE Spirit Chair
Harmony | Empathy | Adaptability | Arranger | Consistency

Riley is a second-year Honors student and Marketing Strategy major. She is from Greensboro, North Carolina and chose to come to UNCW because of the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, proximity to family in the area, and great academic programs and opportunities! In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family, read, listen to music, and watch movies. Her favorite ACE event was the Stuff-a-Pup event because not only was it a good opportunity to learn about paws4people on campus but it was a great activity to do with friends!