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Wednesday, September 12, 7 pm

CANCELLED due to weather event: Adobo Fish Sauce (spoken word poetry)

Friday, September 14, 6 & 9 pm

CANCELLED due to weather event: ACE Presents: Incredibles 2 

Saturday, September 15, 6 pm

CANCELLED due to weather event: ACE Presents: A Wrinkle in Time

Thursday, September 20, 6:30 pm

Coping Ugly: Boseman Gallery Opening

Boseman Gallery, FUU

As the result of a profound loss, grief is a natural, inescapable part of living. America is still largely a grief-avoidant culture and death is still an uncomfortable topic. Grief and those grieving can be marginalized by our society, typically in a passive way by others’ reluctance for discomfort. Confronting the messiness of grief and the reality of death in a public space could encourage perspective shifts.
As an artist who experienced the death of a loved one, Lewis has a personal understanding of grief that was unimaginable prior to her loss. Grief has become an integral part of her life, and in the way she creates art. Her grief has also served as a catalyst: to make human connections as part of the healing process, to create pieces that engage the public with uncomfortable topics and to give voice and visualization to her experience. In Coping Ugly, the artist will openly offer her own grief in visual form and, in doing so, provide to those viewers who have experienced loss, a reminder: you’re not alone.
Come join us and welcome this gallery in the Boseman Art Gallery, Fisher University Union! Refreshments will be served, and there will be an artist talk at 7 pm.
Friday, September 21, 6 & 9 pm
ACE Presents: Deadpool 2 (R)
Lumina Theater, FSC 
$2 for students, $1 for military students, $4 for non-students
Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg, Cable.
Saturday, September 22, 6 pm
ACE Presents: Pacific Rim: Uprising
Lumina Theater, FSC
Free for everyone!
Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat.

Wednesday, September 26, 11:30 am-1:30 pm

Concert on the Commons: Fusion Esterio