Association for Campus Entertainment

Special EventsSpecial events schedules, promotes, and coordinates comedic, novelty, intellectual, diversity, cultural awareness and other programming efforts of all sizes to reflect the diverse interests of the student body. Programs include Last Seahawk Standing, Open Mic Nights and various social justice and awareness topics.

Some past events have included:

Amy Roloff: The mom from the hit show, Little People Big World, came to talk about overcoming obstacles in life. Inspiration filled the room, and the meet and greet afterwards was a big hit.

Swing Dancing: Over 100 people came out to learn how to dance! We put together SEA's first open dance event, and it was a hit.  

Cheerwine and Design: People who can or can't paint got a chance to create a masterpiece featuring Hoggard Lawn! There was Cheerwine and a great instructor who guided the class through the painting process. Everyone loved their artwork, and it was an idea that sparked creativity!

Some traditional events include:

Speed Dating: An exciting traditional event that brings students together in love and friendship, it's always held around Valentine's Day, and is a great event to attend with your friends. There is also chocolate fondue!

Last Seahawk Standing: Funny students battle it out to see who the funniest student is! Comedians from the Wilmington area come out to judge their favorites, and the winners get prize money! Everyone loves to support their friends and cheer on who they think the winner should be.

Spoken word poets: SEA loves slam poetry. Ebony Stewart, The Asia Project, Neil Hilborn, and G Yamazawa were all awesome acts to bring to campus. They touch on the hard-hitting subjects while still keeping it light and the audience engaged. 

Special Events- Banquet

Special Events- Speed Dating

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