Student Accounts & Cashier Office

Federal Perkins Loans & Collections

Review the status of your loan information at: or call 1-800-458-4492


3330 Healy Drive, Suite 105
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

The information on this page is provided to help assist with some of the questions that you may have regarding required procedures for Perkins Loans.

Please feel free to contact our Perkins Loan Specialist
Constance Evans 910-962-7419 or

*Collections and Perkins Loans are now on the second floor of the Admin Annex, 622 MacMillan Avenue.
Rooms 248,249

  • Please be advised that you must conduct an exit interview upon graduation or withdrawal from UNCW. This is a mandatory procedure. Contact the Perkins Loan Specialist in the event you wish to make an appointment. Otherwise visit the website ( to conduct the exit interview. Please note that a PK hold (prevents release of transcripts and diploma) remain on your account until completed.
  • The grace period for a Perkins loan begins nine months after separation from UNCW. You will receive three notifications from Heartland/ECSI that the billing process will begin. Should you have problems with repayment, you should contact Heartland/ECSI or the Perkins Loan Specialist as soon as possible. Some circumstances will require the completion of a deferment form. Deferment forms can be found at the website .

  • If you continue your education at UNCW or another school /university, you must have an in-school deferment in order to stop the repayment process during this time.
  • It is extremely important that you notify Heartland/ECSI or UNCW if your address or phone number changes.
  • The following actions are taken when accounts become delinquent:
    • At 15 days Heartland/ECSI will send past due notifications, 45 days past due Heartland/ECSI will send past due notifications, 60 days past due you will receive a final demand letter from Heartland/ECSI.
    • At 60 days, UNCW will notify the borrower the account is referred to the NC Setoff Debt Collection Department for garnishment of State Taxes or any State refund such as lottery monies. Also referenced that if no response, it will be referred to a NC State approved collection agency at 120 days past due.
    • Notification is sent to individuals when funds are received from the NC Setoff Debt Collection Act.