Student Accounts & Cashier Office


Oval: E-bill link

Click on the e-bill logo to enter e-bill system and set your profile up.

Instructions for profile set up: PDF Version of Instructions

  • Click on the e-bill logo at the top of the page to get into the new e-bill system.Your login information is your UNCW student ID number and your current 6 digit SeaNet pin number.
  • Select the "My Profiles" tab at the top of the page.
  • Set up your Payment Profile for quick access to saved payment methods you can use to pay your account.
  • Set up your authorized users page. The tab is located at the top of all of the pages. This provides access to parents, grandparents, or anyone who you want to have access to your account information. If you do not pay your bill yourself then this is an important part of the set up process. Authorized users will be able to view, pay and receive email notification of due dates and reminders on your billing activity. They may also print a copy of your current bill.
  • Congratulations! You have completed E-bill set up and are ready to use this process to view, print and pay your bills.

E-bill General Information

Currently enrolled students that have a balance due (shown as "Pay this amount" on the E-bill) will periodically receive an e-mail notice from that an E-bill is available for viewing. When you receive the notice, you can access your bill via E-bill. You are responsible for checking your e-mail for your electronic bill notification and for making your payment on time.

You can pay online using E-bill, forward the statement to your parents or a third party, or print a copy of the statement and mail the payment. An E-bill reflects the charges and credits applied to your account as of the date the bill was created. To view the most current student account information (subsequent charges and payments), the student can log into the SeaNet portal select " Student Services and Financial Aid" , "Student Records" and "E-billing and Account Information". Select "View Bills and Make Payments.