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International Student Payments

International Payments to the University of North Carolina Wilmington Just Got Easier !

The most efficient means for an international student or any student using an international bank account to pay student fees is through Western Union GlobalPay For Students  Bank to Bank Transfer. This option allows you to pay the U.S. dollar student fees in the currency of your choice and provides you with a simple and secure way of initiating a payment electronically.

Advantages of using Western Union GlobalPay For Students Bank to Bank Transfer include:

  • You make your payment in the currency of your choice which will then be converted to U.S. Dollars.
  • There are NO transaction charges from Western Union GlobalPay For Students or from UNCW, though you may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.
  • The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours after you have initiated the transaction. Your confirmation and payment must be received by Western Union GlobalPay For Students within that period.
  • The exchange rate is competitive when compared to retail rates of your financial institution and for many students their bank service fees are also reduced because the transaction is being initiated as a local transfer.
  • Payments received will include your reference information and will ensure that your payment reaches your student account quickly.
  • Please view the Western Union GlobalPay For Students tutorial below and change the Settings to your preferred language.  


Step 1: Go to Western Union GlobalPay For Students

Step 2: Process Payment

  • enter student details (name, ID number)
  • enter amount of U.S. Dollars to pay - Please pay the "Current Account Status" amount due in E-bill
  • select payment currency - If your local currency is not an option available in the form, you will need to choose another currency on the list in order to arrange your Bank to Bank transfer.
  • finalize transaction

Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • take confirmation page to your local bank within 72 hours to hold your currency rate
  • local bank to transfer funds to Western Union GlobalPay For Students

Step 4: Payment Finalized

  • UNCW will post the U.S. Dollar equivalent to your student account - Please check E-bill for confirmation of your payment. Please allow several business days for payment to be reflected in E-bill.

Please contact Jason Ransom at or (910) 962-7492 regarding Western Union GlobalPay For Students questions.