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Summer 2019 Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Summer Rates

Graduate Summer Rates

Important Information

*Tuition Refunds are not available for Summer classes after the drop/add date.
Student Accounts reserves the right to drop classes for non-payment. However it is the student's responsibility to drop classes before the end of the add/drop period if they no longer wish to be enrolled.
Please note: Summer classes are billed per credit hour. Classes are typically 3 credit hours each, but may vary.

Tuition and fees are charged according to the designation of the course (main campus or extension) and not student classification. When using the SEANET registration system, please keep in mind that Extension courses are courses with section numbers 800 or higher and a campus of "EXT." Only these sections of courses are billed at the Extension tuition rates which are calculated on a per credit hour basis. All other section numbers are considered on-campus courses and are billed as such. Tuition and fee rates for both on campus and Extension courses are listed above. Ultimately it is the student's responsibility to know the different tuition rates.

Tuition is established by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change without prior notification.
It is the student’s responsibility to review charges on their student account after registration.