Student Accounts & Cashier Office

Withdrawal Credit Schedule


(Refunds are not available for Summer Sessions)


Fall 2018

Tuition Credit Schedule

(For complete withdrawals only)

August 22 through August 29
August 30 through August 31
September 1 through September 17
September 18 through October 15 (Extended to October 22 because of hurricane closure)
October 16 and after (This date has changed to October 23 because of hurricane closure)


Official withdrawal procedures begin in the Dean of Student’s office for Undergraduates and the Graduate School for Graduate Students.  No refunds will be issued after October 15 (now October 22); the first 50% of the enrollment period.  Room and board refunds are pro-rated differently, if applicable, see Housing and/or Auxiliary Services.

Reduction in hours after drop/add does not reduce tuition charges.
Refer to OAP Credit schedule for Students in the Online Accelerated Program.

  • This Tuition and fee Credit Schedule applies to complete university withdrawals only. Students dropping individual courses after the drop/add date are not entitled to a tuition and fee credit.
  • Room and board refunds are pro-rated differently. If applicable please see Housing and/or Auxiliary Services.
  • Students receiving Financial Aid are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships before withdrawing from UNCW. Financial aid already received could be removed from the student account resulting in a balance due.

**Undergraduates Students: Official withdrawal for undergraduate students can be done online. Please go to the following link for more information:

** Graduate Students: Official withdrawal for graduate students begins in the Graduate School located in James Hall (second floor).