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Using Financial Aid to Pay your Bill 

Financial aid is received in the form of grants, scholarship, & student loans. The aid is applied equally across the fall & spring semester. The only exception to this is if the scholarship donor specifies a certain term.

Financial aid funds, including outside scholarships, are put towards student account charges the week before classes start. If an outside scholarship payment is received after classes start, it will be applied to student account charges once it is received.

Using your Financial Aid to Pay your Bill

What is Covered by my Financial Aid?

Financial aid is automatically applied to the student bill each semester.

Aid is used for:

  • Tuition/fees
  • Housing
  • Meal plans.

Need your Financial Aid to Cover Additional Charges?

Federal aid does not cover additional costs beyond tuition, room, & board. Students can complete a Title IV (Financial Aid) Authorization through SeaNet (instructions below), if they want their aid to be applied to other charges, like parking permits, bookstore bucks, student health insurance, & other fines/charges.

Additionally, the Title IV form can be used to authorize the use of up to $200 of financial aid to pay prior academic year charges (if they exist). If authorization is not given, these charges will need to be paid out-of-pocket. 

How to Submit a Title IV Authorization Form

Follow the instructions below, or watch the helpful video, to submit a Title IV Authorization form. 

  1. Log into SeaNet.
  2. Select “Student Services & Financial Aid.”
  3. Click “Financial Aid.”
  4. Choose “Award Package.”
  5. Select the appropriate aid year (e.g. 2022-23 Aid Year).
  6. Click the “Resources/Additional Information.”
  7. Scroll down & answer the two questions.
  8. Select “Submit.”

What if my Aid Exceeds my Charges?

In some cases, students may find that their financial aid package is greater than their total charges. In this case, the student can expect to receive a refund that they can use to pay for other expenses during the semester.

Do you have additional Financial Aid Questions? Visit the Financial Aid website.