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Payment Plan FAQs

UNCW students can pay their semester account charges through a monthly payment plan, we call a Teal Payment Plan. This is an interest-free alternative to paying your bill in one lump sum at the beginning of each term.

Teal Payment Plans are available in 3 options:

  • Pay in 5 payments
  • Pay in 4 payments
  • Pay in 3 payments

Want more information about the Teal Payment Plan?

Check out our Using a Payment Plan to Pay Your Bill page.

Teal Payment Plan FAQs »

How does the recalculating of payment plans work?  

Payment plan installments will automatically be adjusted to reflect all charges and payments posted to your student account as of that date. The monthly installment amounts will be adjusted up or down as your account balance changes. Any time you have new charges such as tuition, housing, dining, or other costs, your plan installment amounts will go up. Any time you have payments, authorized, or disbursed financial aid, or other credits, your installment amounts will go down. Any new charges or aid will be distributed evenly across your remaining installments.

Do I have to wait until my installment is due to pay it?  Can I pay smaller amounts when I get my paycheck each week?  

You can make payments of any size toward your next installment at any time. If you would like to make a partial payment toward your next installment, you can go under the Payment Plan tab, select "Pay Next Installment" and then enter the amount you want to pay into the payment box. You will still get an email reminder about the remaining installment amount owed when it's due. If you paid an installment in full more than one week prior to the due date, you may still owe for that installment if new charges are added to your account. 

Does the student need to be registered for a specific number of credit hours to use the plan?  

No, a payment plan can be used by any registered student with current term charges.

Are there any charges the plan will not cover?  

Any charges that are posted to the student account during enrollment are factored into the installment amount. 

Do I have to pay my plan online or can I pay by cash or check?  

Payments through any method will reduce your plan amount automatically. All payments, including those made outside of the plan, will be applied to your payment plan. Any payment you make toward an item on your plan (tuition, housing, etc.) will go toward your next plan installment.

Is there a way to use the payment plan for only a specific charge?  

No, all charges posted to the student account are factored in the installment amount.

Can I sign up for the Spring semester at the same time as the Fall?  

No, you are only allowed to sign up for a plan for the current term. You must re-enroll for the next term if you are interested in a payment plan.

How often will my payment plan installments change?  

Installments will be updated daily if you have any new charges/credits on your student account. Installments will not be updated for the one week prior to installment due dates to allow students ample notice of the upcoming installment amount due. New charges and credits during this 7-day period will automatically be applied to the next installment(s) after the payment due date.

How will I know if my plan amount changes?  

Whenever a new charge or credit is applied to your account, your payment plan installments will be adjusted within 24 hours. However, your installments will not recalculate within 1 week prior to each installment date. You will receive an automatic email notification each time the installment amounts are recalculated.

What happens if I miss or make a partial payment?  

Partial payments will be applied to the next payment installment and will pay down one installment before being applied to the next (if applicable). Missed payments will be shown as late and will need to be paid off immediately as missed payments may cause registration, transcript, and diploma holds to be placed on your student account.

Does the person paying for the plan have to be set up as an authorized user on my E-Bill account?  

Yes, set up your authorized users in E-bill. The tab is located at the top of the page. This provides access to parents, grandparents, or anyone who you want to have access to your account information. If you do not pay your bill yourself then this is an important part of the set-up process. Authorized users will be able to view, pay and receive email notification of due dates and reminders on your billing activity. They may also print a copy of your current bill.

Can my divorced parents each have their own payment plan?  

No, there is only one plan per student per term.

How am I notified of my current payment amount?  

Students and authorized users will receive a bill for “Informational Purposes Only” at the beginning of each month.  An email will be sent 7 days prior to the installment due date, making you aware of the amount due on the installment due date. 
Please Note: The email is only generated to the person that sets up the plan, student, or authorized user, not both.  If you set up scheduled payment during the TealPay enrollment, an email is sent 3 days prior to the installment due date reminding you of the scheduled payment and that amount that is due.

Am I able to pay for study abroad trips with the payment plan? If so, does it follow the Student Accounts due dates or the trip due dates?  

Any charge posted to the student account is factored in the installment amount. The TealPay due dates must be followed.

Is there a way to ask for an extension of the due date if my monthly payment drastically increases?

No, due dates are final. Try to anticipate charges that may not be included in your plan when it is set up as occasionally charges may post to the account later (i.e. student adds classes, signs up for meal plan, changes dorm, financial aid adjustments, etc.) Please note: If payments are not paid on or by the installment due date, your classes are subject to cancellation.

If I know that I am receiving a scholarship later in the semester, can I deduct that at the beginning of the payment plan?

No, you will have to pay the enrollment fee, plus the down payment based on the balance on the account at sign-up. When the scholarship is posted your future monthly installments will be reduced equally.

Can I cancel the plan at any time? Is there an early termination fee?

If you would like to cancel your plan contact an administrator at or 910.962.4281 option 5. There are no early termination fees. Plans can only be canceled if the account is paid in full if the current term balance is zero or there is a credit balance. If you are removed from the Teal Pay payment plan you are responsible for any additional charges.

What can cause my classes to be canceled?  

If your down payment or any installments have been returned for insufficient funds or the installments due are not paid before the current bill due date.