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Extension Rates

Credit Distance Education Tuition and Fees

Fees posted here are Summer 2010 extension rates

Per Credit Hour In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition Ed &Technology Total In-State Total Out-of-State
Undergraduate 86.66 454.29 13.43 100.09 467.72
Graduate 144.56 669.75 19.49 164.05 689.24
MBA/MSA 169.22 694.22 19.49 188.71 713.71

Tuition and fees are charged according to campus of the course (main campus or extension) and not student classification. When using the SEANET registration system, please keep in mind that Extension courses are courses with section numbers 800 or higher and a campus of "EXT." Only these sections of courses are billed at the Extension tuition rates which are calculated on a per credit hour basis. All other section numbers are considered on-campus courses and are billed as such. Tuition and fee rates for both on campus and Extension courses can be accessed through the links listed above. Ultimately it is the student's responsiblility to know the different tuition rates.