Student Accounts & Cashier's Office

Understanding My Billing Statement,
Tuition, Fees & Charges to My Account

The student bill includes a number of different charges, not just tuition, so it’s important to understand what all charges mean. In addition to tuition and fees, the Office of Student Accounts and University Cashier bills charges on behalf of a variety of other University departments. If you have a question about any of these charges, we recommend contacting the appropriate office directly. 

UNCW student tuition and fees are billed each semester and based on a number of factors including:

  • Student Level: Undergraduate, Graduate, or Other
  • Program Campus Type: Main Campus or Distance Education / Extension (DE/EXT)
  • Residency: North Carolina resident or non-resident
  • Credit Hours: Numbers of hours taken
  • Academic Program: Additional differential tuition and fees apply to certain programs and courses. 
Need more information about being a NC resident? Check out our "Am I a NC Resident" page.

Tuition & Fees (Previous Years)

Below you will find an archive of the previous years of our tuition and fee use.