Student Accounts & Cashier Office

Departmental Funds Receipting

The policy is: 05.141 Departmental Funds Receipting

Forms are located on the Controllers website

General Statement

University departments that receive funds must be committed to strong internal
controls of receipts to prevent mishandling of funds and safeguarding against loss.
Internal controls related to university receipts are the business practices established to ensure all funds received are deposited in the bank and recorded in the Banner
Finance System accurately and timely. Establishing and following written procedures
that include separation of duties and month-end reconciliations are the key business
processes used to ensure the safeguarding of university receipts. Strong internal
controls also protect employees from being falsely accused of mishandling funds
(theft, embezzlement) by defining crosschecking roles for funds handling

Please contact Stefanie Pollack @ with any questions. The forms are linked from the policy website to initiate or renew departmental fund receipting privileges.

Effective November 1, 1990, entitled "Cash Receipts"; updated May 26, 1999, updated November 2, 2002; updated July 1, 2006; updated December 21, 2011and renamed "Department Funds Receipting"; supersedes former Administration Policy No.
CSH1.10, "Cash Receipts"