Strategic Plan

Expectations of 2022-23 UNCW Strategic Design and Planning Steering Committee

Sept. 2, 2022

To: 2022-23 Strategic Design and Planning Steering Committee

From: Chancellor Aswani K. Volety

You have been nominated to serve on the UNCW Strategic Design and Planning Steering Committee (SDPSC), with an anticipated end date in Spring 2023. The SDPSC will help steer the design and development of our next strategic plan. The composition of the SDPSC will ensure that the entire campus community is consulted - including faculty, staff, students, alumni, community-partners, and others - in a manner that reflects the university's commitment to shared governance, transparency, and diversity and inclusion.

The SDPSC will:

• Develop a timeline and framework for strategic design and planning work through the 2022-23 academic year.
• Facilitate the collection of input from the campus community, trustees, community leaders, and other stakeholders through townhall meetings and other fora.
• Translate input from constituents into overarching problem-solving and strategic priorities for campus.
• Identify campus constituents to comprise various workgroups related to strategic priorities, and act as liaisons to such workgroups.
• Design strategic actions, goals, targets, and objectives based on input from workgroups.
• Craft and review draft reports that will ultimately lead to the final plan.
• Assist in soliciting endorsement from campus governing bodies and others as appropriate.

The SDPSC will be supported by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, who will play an important role in managing the design and planning process. A third-party consultant may also be engaged to assist in data collection, logistics, writing, or other necessary activities. The Chancellor's Office, the Office of University Relations, and the General Counsel will also serve in ex officio capacities.

Thank you for your service to the university.