Strategic Plan



Chancellor Volety Appoints 2022-23 Strategic Design and Planning Steering Committee

As the Chancellor outlined in his appointment letter, he has charged the committee with developing a timeline and framework for strategic design and planning, among other responsibilities. 


UNCW Community Invited to Attend April 27, 2022, Virtual Feedback Forum  

The UNCW community is invited to participate in a virtual forum focused on developing the university’s next strategic plan. The forum is scheduled for 4-5 p.m., Wednesday, April 27 

The participation link:

Passcode: 893325

Background and Initial Findings 

In spring 2021, UNCW launched an inclusive strategic design and planning process to build on the success of the current Strategic Plan, which was extended through 2022. The extension provided the university with time to plan for the next phase of UNCW’s future while also navigating the effects of the global pandemic.  

The Strategic Design and Planning Steering Committee has spent the past year reviewing campus and community survey results, peer benchmarking assessments, and other data to prepare findings about the opportunities, challenges, strengths, and restraints with the potential to shape the university’s future.  

During the meeting, the SDPSC will provide a progress update, including survey and benchmark results and SWOT/SOAR analysis. The committee also plans to review a summary document of the work completed to date. 

Feedback Needed 

We want your honest and helpful feedback about the summary document. Which findings resonate with you? Which do not? Why? Please attend the virtual forum to share your thoughts.  

More Opportunities to Connect  

If you are unable to attend the virtual forum, there will be other opportunities to share feedback. More details coming soon.  

- Dr. Nathan Grove, Faculty Senate President & Professor, Chemistry  
- Susan Smith, 2020-21 Staff Senate Chair, Member Services & Operations Coordinator, Campus Recreation  
- Dr. James Winebrake, Provost & Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs 


Spring 2021

  • Extending the current strategic plan through the end of the 2021-22 academic year
  • Discussions with national thought leaders related to design thinking models and strategic planning.
  • Identification of Co-Chairs of the Committee:
    • Provost Jamie Winebrake
    • Faculty Senate President Nathan Grove
    • Staff Senate Immediate Past Chair Susan Smith (also Staff Senate Chair in 2022-23)
  • Identification of members of a Steering Committee comprising members from across campus constituencies representing various roles and units.
  • Charge to the committee by then Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli

Summer 2021

  • The Committee engaged in professional development and discussions.
    • Workshops from Strategic Planning experts from the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) on the foundations and design of integrated planning
    • Review progress of existing strategic plan metrics.
    • Conversations related to existing strengths and opportunities for campus.
  • A draft timeline and list of activities was developed.
  • The early stages of forming a robust peer benchmark study to be conducted in fall 2021.

Fall 2021

  • The Committee continued discussions on the peer benchmark study and stakeholder engagement.
  • The Committee affirmed its commitment to continue the initial stages of the strategic planning process in the wake of Chancellor Sartarelli’s retirement announcement.

Spring 2022

  • The Committee reviewed survey results and compiled peer benchmark data related to strategic metrics and initiatives.
  • The Committee began to formulate elements of a SWOT/SOAR analysis with a goal of presenting findings to the new Chancellor in late spring or early summer.


  • Environmental Scan and Benchmarking
  • Initial Stakeholder Engagement
    • Open Forum and Presentation of Data
    • Survey of Campus
    • Invitation to Participate

  • Establish Teams and Internal Review of Institution
    • Workgroup 1 - Mission/Vision/Values
    • Workgroup 2 - SWOT Analysis
  • Continued Stakeholder Engagement
    • Discussions with Campus Governance Groups, Open Fora, and Call for Input

  • Identifying Priorities and Goals
    • Form Workgroups around Strategic Issues (From SWOT)
    • Determine Strategic Priorities and Overarching Goals
  • Solicit Campus Feedback and Continued Stakeholder Engagement

  • Define Strategies and Actions
  • Identify Metrics of Success
    • Definitions and Baselines
    • Yearly Targets

  • Campus Review of Draft Strategic Plan
    • Solicit Feedback from stakeholders and governance groups
    • Discuss Updates to Mission/Vision/Values, Strategic Priorities, Goals, Strategies, and Actions
    • Incorporate Feedback, Review, and Make Edits

  • Develop Implementation Plan and Timeline for Review
  • Finalize Strategic Plan and Present to Campus
  • Gain Endorsement from Campus Governance Groups