STEM SENC provides access to aspirational STEM learning opportunities for all learners and those who support them regardless of geographic location, socioeconomic status, race, gender/sex, culture, or ability.

STEM SENC accomplishes the work described above by doing the following: 

  • Making STEM accessible for ALL stakeholders with an intentional focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • Building, strengthening, and sustaining innovative practices that connect in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities;
  • Nurturing and promoting pathways/partnerships that connect learners to careers and opportunities;
  • Enabling learners to develop life-long critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Guiding and inspiring learners to be career- and college-ready;
  • Working for common goals while valuing individual organizational goals;
  • Maintaining a diverse membership of active and supportive regional stakeholders who are reflective of the communities served;
  • Implementing systems of assessment to inform future endeavors; and
  • Creating a shared identity for our region that moves us toward a future elevated by STEM.