STEM Learning Cooperative

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Mission of the STEM Learning Cooperative

Enable and support STEM learning through the teaching-scholarship-engagement mission of the University – in cooperative and collaborative relationships with campus and community-based partners – through a commitment to the following:

  • STEM learning for Pre-- K-16 learners in schools, community agencies, business and corporate contexts, and informal learning settings;
  • STEM learning for professional educators and students in pre-professional programs, including those in informal and formal settings;
  • STEM learning support for learners with exceptional and/or special needs; and,
  • STEM learning for inclusion of underrepresented and diverse populations/communities

The STEM Learning Cooperative accomplishes the work described above by doing the following:

  • Developing and growing the infrastructure of the Cooperative;
  • Creating and implementing programs to support the mission of the Cooperative and its partners;
  • Identifying synergies and networking to support STEM learning; and,
  • Identifying and creating opportunities for, and engaging in, research and evaluation initiatives and projects.
  • Cultivating relationships and identifying strategies to secure resources to support the work of the Cooperative and its partners.