Staff Senate

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Graduation Cap with Scholarship

Staff Senate Scholarships Recipients

  • Spring 2020 Recipients
    • Maggie Bannon, Asst Director of Academic Services
    • Annmarie Benson, Student
    • Danielle Broman, Student
    • Ashley E. Cribb, Administrative Specialist, Auxiliary Services
    • Scott Judson, Academic Advising Technology Specialist, University College
    • Stefanie Norris, Director of Campus Life Arts and Programs
    • Alexander Schwarz, Student 
    • Peyton Walker, Student 
    • Melissa Worrell, Student 


  • Prior Years Recipients
    Spring 2019 Recipients:
    • Melinda Cooper, Administrative Associate in Philosophy & Religion Dept.
    • Michel Shackelford, Engagement and Learning Specialist in Human Resources
    • Carly Wilson, Academic Services Advisor in University College
    • Ashley Grindstaff, Watson College of Education employee
    • Scot Kelly, Executive Assistant in Academic Affairs
    • Meghan Osborne, Events Coordinator in University Advancement

    Spring 2018 Recipients:
    • Meredith Cole, University Advancement
    • Danielle Broman, Student

    Fall 2017 Recipients: 
    • Ashlee Jensen, Executive Assistant in the Dean's Office of College of Health & Human Services
    • Nate Shue, Physical Plant

    Spring 2017 Recipients: 
    • Nate Shue, Physical Plant
    • Allison Lawlor, University Program Associate in the Dean's Office of College of Arts & Sciences

    Fall 2016 Recipient: 
    • Sam West, Technical Support Staff with Technology Assistance Center

    Fall 2015 Recipient: 
    • Mellissa Dionesotes, Executive Assistant in Center for Marine Science

    Fall 2014 Recipient: 
    • Karen Ladley, Coordinator of Testing Services 

    Spring 2014 Recipient: 
    • Donna Carlton, Administrative Associate with Women's Studies and Resource Center

    Fall 2014 Recipient: 
    • Lisa Bertini, Administrative Associate with Creative Writing

    Fall 2013 Recipient: 
    • Kristy Burnette, Institutional Risk Management Coordinator in Enterprise Risk Management

    Spring 2013 Recipient: 
    • Terrey Hatcher, Administrative Associate in the Cameron School of Business

    Spring 2012 Recipient: 
    • Amy Howell

    Fall 2011 Recipient: 
    • Chardon Murray, is employed in Public and International Affairs

    Spring 2011 Recipient: 
    • Carole Wilson, employee with Financial Systems

    Fall 2010 Recipient: 
    • Carol Page, Assistant Director in Purchasing Services

    Spring 2010 Recipient: 
    • Melinda Miles, Technology Assistance Center Employee

    Fall 2009 Recipient: 
    • Jennifer Abernathy-Messer, Greenhouse Manager 

    Spring 2009 Recipient: 
    • Pamela Thurston, housekeeper

    Fall 2008 Recipient: 
    • Mary Jo Giammaria, Administrative Associate in the Dean's office of Watson College of Education


Office of International Programs 

UNCWorld Recipients

  • Spring 2019 Recipients
    • Kim Duernberger, Research Specialist in the UNCW Stable Isotope Laboratory
    • E.A. Southerland, Project Manager in Facilities
  • Prior Years Recipients
    2018 Recipient: 
    • Jessica Rivenbark, Data Applications Analyst in the Watson College of Education

    2017 Recipients: 
    • Patty Fox, Grants Officer for Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance
    • Melissa Smith, Scientific Illustrator for the Center for Marine Science

    2016 Recipient: 
    • Brian Brinkley, Director of the Education Lab in the Watson College of Education

    2015 Recipients: 
    • Olivia Cunningham, Employee Relations and Staff Development Specialist in Human Resources
    • Beau Cummings, Director of Development for Major Gifts in University Advancement

    2014 Recipients: 
    • Elisabeth Garner, Specialist in Government Documents and Information in Randall Library
    • Barbara Snyder, Simulation Library Assistant in the School of Nursing

    2013 Recipient: 
    • Sonja Ardoin, Director of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

    2012 Recipients: 
    • Christopher Gordon, Assistant Director for the Center for Education in STEM
    • Dan Noonan, Network Analyst in ITS

    2011 Recipients: 
    • Jessica Baker Heim, Assistant Director of International Admissions
    • Patty Fox, Grants Officer in the Office of Research Services

    2010 Recipients:
    • Robin Bennett, Small Business Technology Development Center Counselor
    • Frank Nye, Engineering Project Technician in Project Design and Management