Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

SPARC Distribution Lists

Utilizing the distribution lists defined below will help SPARC send targeted emails about potential funding opportunities or information related to sponsored programs.   These distribution lists are designed as one-way communication for announcements and updates. 

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NOTE: There may be occasions when an announcement may be sent to more than one distribution list, such as notices of broad interest or limited submissions. 



This distribution list will be used as the primary dissemination vehicle for general information regarding research and sponsored programs, such as: 

  • Upcoming events like SPARC open forums, sponsor updates, tailored discussions and training opportunities. 
  • “Tips,” “Best Practices,” and updates to policies and practices that affect researchers, innovators, and scholars and their sponsored projects. 
  • Broad announcements that cover a multitude of research and sponsored project areas. 

Research faculty, innovators, scholars, departmental support staff, chairs, directors, deans, and other staff and administrators associated with research and sponsored actives at UNCW should subscribe to this distribution list.   


This distribution list will be used to share targeted emails about potential funding opportunities in one single location. Faculty and others seeking project support should sign up for this distribution list.


This distribution list is primarily for creating, developing, and maintaining SPARC Service Partnerships that are essential to the growth and/or efficiency of the SPARC Department.

NIH Listservs 

NSF Listserv 

  • NSF Update: Timely communications for scientists and administrators that can be customized to specific interests. 

Other Listservs 

  • Philanthropy News Digest (PND) RFP Alerts:   Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and notices of awards for U.S.-based nonprofit and grantmaking organizations ( on right side of screen, click on “get RFP alerts”).