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Grant Balance Reports

We have good news! The SPARC Office developed a simple way for you to instantly become aware of the balance on your externally funded award. Even better news, you do not need to login to Banner to do so.

Our new money management tool was built using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that interface with UNCW enterprise systems; put simply, we took information from Banner and put it into an easy to read report. SSRS allows appropriately credentialed individuals access to relevant data via a web browser and offers a user-friendly interface.

How to access reports 

SSRS access information

Report Types

Grant Balance by PI

Some research projects require multiple grant funds in order to keep track of expenses. The grant balance by PI report is a reflection of all your grant funds as they relate to a particular project.

Grant Fund Balance by PI

More often then not, a project will only have one grant fund. Therefore, grant fund balance by PI should be your go to report.

Report Parts

Grant Balance by PI report

  1. Grant number
  2. Grant title
  3. Project end date
  4. Project sponsor
  5. Indirect cost (IDC) rate
  6. Budget pool description
  7. Budget pool balance
  8. Grant balance
  9. Report run date and time

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