Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2019 Recipients

  • Alessandro S. Porco, “The Women of Black Mountain College: Ruth Herschberger and Jane Mayhall”
  • Angela L. Sardina, “Needs and Preferences for Optimal Health and Meaningful Life Engagement in Older Adulthood”
  • Anka Roberto, “Integration of a Life is Good Playmaker systems model; a trauma informed approach in promoting resiliency among children k-8”
  • David A. MacQueen, “Development of Automated Odor Testing Procedures for Human Participants”
  • Glen Harris, “The Crisis of the African American Intellectual: Historical Analysis of Black Leadership”
  • Hayley H. Estrem, “Age-normative testing for the Feeding Impact on Parents and Family Measure”
  • Helena K. Spencer, “The Life and Career of Caterina Jarboro (1898–1986), America's First Black Prima Donna”
  • HyunBum Kim, “Development of New Virtual Emotion System with Guaranteed Delay-bound in IoT-enabled Environment”
  • Jale Aldemir, “D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy Robotics Professional Development Project”
  • Jennifer Marie Lozano, “Charting a Digital Latina/o Literary & Cultural Sphere”
  • Josalin Hunter-Jones, “3M: Exploring the Influence of Music and Media on African American Mental Health”
  • Katherine Bruce, “Investigation of sex differences in performance on the rodent odor span test: Learning and memory”
  • Kristen DeVall, “How do they compare? Examining long-term recidivism among adult drug treatment court participants & probationers in Michigan”
  • Meredith K. Jones, “A New Generation of Leaders in Early Childhood Education: Participation in the Global Leaders for Young Children Program”
  • Monica T. Rother, “A Tree-Ring Based Study of Historical Wildland Fire Activity in North Carolina Longleaf Pine Savannas”
  • Nicholas F. Hudson, “Archaeological Fieldwork on the Island of Samothrace in the Northeastern Aegean”
  • Sheri Anne Shiflett,”Resilience of barrier islands following catastrophic storm impact in southeastern North Carolina, USA.”
  • Soon Goo Lee, “Bitter & Sweet: Bioactive Natural Products – 3D Protein Structure as a Tool for Integrating Teaching & Research”
  • Tim Palmer, “Cinema Marianne: A New History of Women in the French Film Ecosystem”
  • Todd Peterson, “Macrophage activation and infiltration in an animal model of obesity following stroke”

Recipients by Fiscal Year