Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Charles L. Cahill Grants

Fiscal Year 2018 Recipients

  • Chris Dumas, “Gen-X Awareness, Exposure and Economic Impact Survey”
  • Christopher Halkides, “Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors of Aspartate Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase”
  • Dana Stachowiak, “Queer[ed] Storyscapes”
  • Darin Penneys, “UNCW Herbarium Digitization”
  • Dijana Jekelic, “Representation Theory of Quantum Algebras”
  • Elizabeth Gazza, “Designing a Nursing Faculty Residency Model: A review of the Evidence and Virtual Delivery Platforms”
  • Georg Koszulinski, “White Ravens: A Legacy of Resistance”
  • Ginger Rhodes, “Middle School Principals’ Views of STEM Classrooms”
  • Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez, “The Role of Latino Values in the Link between Stressors and Risk Behaviors”
  • James Stocker, “Evaluating Mathematics Performance Outcomes Between and Online Application and an Evidence-Based Paper and Pencil Intervention”
  • Jennifer McCall, “Assessment of the Anti-Inflammatory Drug of the Marine Natural Product Brevenal”
  • Jeremy Morgan, “Design of Nickel Catalysts for Enantioselective Synthesis”
  • Jessie Jarvis, “Seagrasses in Transition: Resilience to Temperature and Light Stress at the Southern Limit for Zostera marina”
  • Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, “Seizing: An Analysis of Personal Narratives of Seizure Disorders as Performance of Identity”
  • Lucas Layman, “A Social Media-based Early Warning System for cyber Threats”
  • Mary Joanna White, “World-premiere recording (CD) of a newly commissioned work for flute and harp by composer, Lindsey Jacob”
  • Michael Messina, “Investigations of Proton Transfer and Tunneling in the Active Sites of Enzymes: A Quantum Control Study”
  • Paul Castagno, “Incorporating Receptivity Data in the Creation of Playwriting Intensive A New Book on Contemporary Playwriting”
  • Ray Pastore, “Metacognition and Multimedia-The Effects of Self Explaining in Computer Based Training”
  • Regina Felix, “Brazilian Women Screening History”
  • Robert Boyce, “Neck Strength and Anthropometrics to Predict Traumatic Brain Injury Risk in Airborne Paratroopers”
  • Sabrina Cherry, “LINC Collaborative: Framing Community-Based Recidivism Deterrent Initiatives”
  • Shannon Silva, “Shoot the Duck: Film Production”
  • Soo Kim-Godwin, “Effectiveness of Writing Interventions among Parents of Adult Children with Substance Abuse”

Recipients by Fiscal Year